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A social conservative's view of the Republican debate
Washington Post (blog)
(AP Photo/Eric Gay) (Eric Gay - AP) At the final GOP presidential debate before the Iowa caucus, Rick Perry made the first try at a direct appeal to social conservatives with his hope to be the "Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses. ...
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Do Conservatives now think they have carte blanche on dirty tricks?
Globe and Mail
There's disappointment, and understandably so, that House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer didn't find that Liberal MP Irwin Cotler's privilege as an MP was abused by the Conservative phone skullduggery carried out in his riding. ...
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Globe and Mail
Miliband hails Labour poll triumph
The Press Association
The party held Feltham and Heston with an increased majority over the Conservatives. Addressing supporters in Feltham town centre, Mr Miliband called on the Tories to "listen" to voters. He said: "I think it is pretty offensive that the Conservatives ...
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Canadian Muslims Decry Conservatives' New Citizenship Law Banning Niqabs
South Asian Link
TORONTO – Harper Conservatives' new rules requiring Muslim women to remove their full face veil or niqab while they take the oath of Canadian citizenship were widely criticized as forcing them to choose between their religious convictions and adopting ...
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South Asian Link
Conservatives' CWB bill clears Senate, royal assent
Canadian Cattlemen
The Conservative majority in Canada's Senate, and Canada's governor general, have passed the bill ordering sweeping changes to the marketing of Western Canada's wheat and barley. Bill C-18, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz's Marketing Freedom for Grain ...
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11 moves the Conservatives made this fall
While the Conservative government has used its newfound majority to push through time allocation motions, which limit the number of hours set aside for debate, more than any previous government, only three bills are expected to pass both the House of ...
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Slate of GOP candidates are conservative enough
Grand Junction Free Press
For all the hand-wringing, soul searching, and despair evident among some conservative Republicans contemplating the 2012 GOP presidential slate, the lineup is really a testimony to the success of the conservative movement over the last 60 years. ...
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Conservatives and Climate Change-Part I
For many conservatives, the answer is no. Global warming, it's said, is a (flawed) theory, not a fact. The idea that human activity is in any way responsible for higher temperatures is false. Advocates of global warming are relying on doctored data. ...
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Why a Tea Party conservative now supports Ron Paul...including his foreign policy.
American Thinker
By Russ Paladino Ask any conservative about Ron Paul and you will usually hear the following statement: "I love him on fiscal policy but his foreign policy is naive and dangerous." You can also throw in the obligatory "He hates Israel. ...
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Conservatives Celebrate Light Bulb Victory
ABC News
John Berman has a cheat sheet on what to expect in the next Republican debate.
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The Debate: Conservatives left searching for a hero | RedState
By Tim Griffin@griffinelection (Diary)
Last night was the last televised debate before the January 3 Iowa Caucuses. Fox News did a great job of covering a lot of information. The good news is that.
griffinelection's Diary
One Year Ago Today: Why Conservatives are Winning the Spending ...
Many conservatives have expressed frustration that the bill still spends above the levels written into the House-passed 2012 budget. Arguably, those spending levels would have instilled unprecedented spending restraint in federal budgeting, ...
Americans for Tax Reform RSS
Conservatives Don't Want to Fix Poverty | The Bilerico Project
By Terrance Heath
Conservatives can't fix poverty, because conservatives don't want to fix poverty. From a conservative perspective, poverty isn't the real problem. Poor people are.
The Bilerico Project
Who Wrote The Ron Paul Newsletters? - Conservatives Network
By admin
***I grant permission to anyone to take the content in this entry and redistribute it. The truth needs to get out.*** People wonder who wrote the Ron Paul newsletters. First, if you're new to this topic, it's important because for around two decades, ...
Conservatives Network

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