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Oregon progressives and the DPO should repudiate Wyden-Ryan Medicare sell-out
The county Democratic Party organizations and the DP of Oregon as well as other progressive parties and groups should formally repudiate it as well. Senator Wyden insists that it is more complicated than that, and of course it can be made so. ...
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Margolis: Without Burlington base, Prog political power dissipates
The Progressives may field a nominee, but whoever he or she is won't be as well-known, won't be as well-financed, will obviously by the party's second choice (after Ashe), and will bear the burden of a discredited incumbent Progressive administration. ...
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A progressive dialogue on the future: An open conclusion to the series
The series was launched because it seemed to us at rabble -- and this was hardly a unique view -- that progressive forces in Canada were in disarray and in a state of confusion as to how to deal with the new, right-wing world order. ...
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Clean Energy Military Engagement A Positive Action
Huffington Post
Progressives have never been very good about admitting -- let alone claiming -- victory. Ask your average progressive what he thinks of President Obama's law expanding access to good health insurance in the United States and he'll sigh and list the ...
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Letter: Rooted in history
Naples Daily News
Progressive means markets become the servants of the public good and not their master. Progressives do not favor state control of production, nor state ownership of business; nor socialism for the rich through bailouts and low taxes and capitalism for ...
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Banning excellence results in mediocre equality
Hernando Today
Progressives believe that a person who believes someone else is better than they suffers humiliation. According to their thinking this can be easily remedied by manipulating the situation to prevent excellence from rearing its ugly head. ...
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Occupy Hanukkah and Christmas
Huffington Post
The good news is that there has emerged in the past few decades a counter-movement of spiritual progressives that are willing to challenge the distortions in their own religious communities while simultaneously doing battle with the institutions and ...
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David Bates, New Hampshire Lawmaker, Proposes Allowing Voters To Overturn Laws
Huffington Post
Several 2011 legislative sessions across the country have seen progressives harnessing popular power to counteract more conservative legislation. Now, Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire are attempting to harness that same power for their own causes. ...
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Morning letters: How the socialist revolution has progressed
The progressive wizards had veto-proof supermajorities in both houses of Congress as well as the White House, and we now live with the realities of their agenda. Progressives have disdain for the Constitution because it limits their ability to dictate ...
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The Osawatomie Connection
The New American
The Republican Party at the time was torn between conservatives and progressives, and Roosevelt decided to use the occasion of the speech to put forth his progressive views. But he actually did not write the Osawatomie speech. ...
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Mitt and Newt Latent Progressives?
During a morning appearance on Fox News, Mitt Romney said Newt Gingrich should return the $1.6 million in payments he received from mortgage financial ...

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