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Opinion: Obama, Roosevelt, and the Power of Progressivism
WNYC (blog)
By Jami Floyd : IAFC Blogger " The Progressives came of age in response to political powers unwilling or unable to address the rapid economic and social changes brought about by the industrial revolution in America. "Many people will hear the word ...
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WNYC (blog)
Local Progressive Group Grows in Wake of Wisconsin's Political Unrest
Considering the state of politics in Wisconsin — emotionally charged recall efforts across the state, an open US Senate seat and a looming presidential election — its no wonder the all-volunteer, local progressive group Grassroots Northshore has seen ...
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2012 For 2012: Progressives Launch Project To Recruit Local Candidates, Combat ...
Huffington Post
Rick Perry (R) named the far-right Don McLeroy board chairman, cementing the conservative bloc's power and sending a clear signal to progressives that they had some catching up to do. Progressives are now hoping to chip away at conservative dominance ...
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Progressives' Doublespeak on Regulatory Capture
Global Warming (blog)
It's a common refrain from progressives, but their criticism is one-directional. The accusation is only leveled when Giant Corporations oppose government intervention. When big business supports the intervention, because it stands to reap windfall ...
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Global Warming (blog)
The Young Turks - Sen. Sanders: Obama don't take progressives for granted
Monsters and
Sanders: Obama, don't take progressive for granted Cenk interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) about whether President Obama can prove himself to progressives before the election. "The progressive movement in this country has got to tell this president, ...
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Monsters and
Mission impossible for Pakistani progressives?
Reuters India
By Michael Georgy ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The small but enthusiastic group of "progressive" Muslims arrives at a hotel conference room in Pakistan's capital with the tools they hope will help blunt extremism in the unstable US ally. ...
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Progressives: Don't Fall For Luntz's Trap
This "morality" differs for conservative and progressives. For Occupiers Lakoff says, "democracy is about citizens caring about each other" and taking social and personal responsibility. What Occupiers oppose is the view that democracy provides freedom ...
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Obama's New Square Deal
Washington Post
For months, progressives have asked why Obama wasn't invoking the populist language of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his attacks on "economic royalists" and "the privileged princes" of "new economic dynasties." What progressives often forget is that FDR ...
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Mission impossible for Pakistani progressives? | FaithWorld
By michael georgy
A small but enthusiastic group of progressive Muslims highlights the difficulties of stabilising Pakistan, seen as critical to U.S. efforts to tackle militancy.
Talk show host says progressives are lying evil ... - The Big Media Blog
By Jason Salzman
The Democrats, the liberals, the progressives, they lie. They are lying to you. It's going to get a lot worse. You have got to study the issues. You have got to get involved. There are a ton places to go do that…They cannot win in a battle of ideas, ...
The Big Media Blog

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Who was Teddy Roosevelt and why do progressives love him so ...
Tea Party members, you have to decide where do you stand on progressivism? Where do you stand on this? Are you a Theodore Roosevelt Republican? ...
Daily Kos: Progressives: It's In Your Genes
We like to think that we have developed our political ideology through choice. We have looked at the options: gun rights or gun control, pro choice or pro life, ...

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