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US politics live blog: GOP candidates at Republican Jewish Coalition
The Guardian (blog)
On Iran, Newt says: "The only rational long-time policy is regime replacement." Ah ... the only rational policy is regime replacement? If US-led regime change in Iran is the rational policy, what are the irrational ones? Like Santorum, Gingrich wants ...
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The Guardian (blog)
Safadi urges US to provide political, economic aid
The Daily Star
BEIRUT: Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi has urged the US administration to help Lebanon politically and economically and to provide the Lebanese Army with the equipment it needs in order to maintain stability in "this troubled phase in the Arab ...
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Iran blocks US 'Virtual' Embassy Within 12 hours of Launch
ABC News (blog)
"The virtual embassy is a hub in Persian and English for information not only on US policy towards Iran but also a place to get insight into American culture and society, find visa applications, learn about opportunities to study in the United States," ...
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Clinton on gay rights: a sop to domestic political allies
Washington Post (blog)
I've thought that Clinton has done a pretty good job as secretary of state, and there's no harm in her tending to her personal US politics from time to time. But nothing about this speech was particularly significant or helpful to anyone other than to ...
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Politics of water affect all of us
St. George Daily Spectrum
Most people seem to hate and try to avoid politics. But citizens can't because one way or another we will live with the results. Then there are those who seem to love politics. At the Nov. 14 Utah Water Task Force meeting, the political tag-team of Ron ...
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Intellectuals and Politics
New York Times (blog)
The rise of Newt Gingrich, Ph.D.— along with the apparent anti-intellectualism of many of the other Republican candidates — has once again raised the question of the role of intellectuals in American politics. In writing about intellectuals, ...
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Shameful: Partisan Politics Block Another Highly Qualified Judicial Nominee
Huffington Post (blog)
All year, we've seen partisan politics impede the progress America needs -- from jobs to anti-discrimination measures to work and family advances to the safety net. On Tuesday, we had a stark reminder that our system of justice too can fall victim to ...
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US Politics | AMERICAblog News: NYT: US to use foreign aid to ...
By John Aravosis (DC)
News and opinion about US politics from a liberal/Democratic/progressive perspective.
US Politics | AMERICAblog News
WPR Article | Myanmar Policy: U.S. Vision, EU Shortsightedness in ...
By (Roberto Tofani)
Last week's historic visit to Myanmar by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton represents the culmination of the Obama administration's policy shift toward the pariah state, itself part of a broader effort to play a primary role in the Asia-Pacific ...
World Politics Review: Articles
Perry: Let Us Pray—In Schools - Politics K-12
By Alyson Klein
Michele McNeil covered education and state government in Indiana for a decade before joining Education Week as a state policy reporter in June 2006. Alyson Klein, who reports on federal education policy, joined the staff in February 2006 ...
Politics K-12 - Education Week
Wary U.S. uncertain of Israel's Iran plans - Politics & Elections News
Wary U.S. uncertain of Israel's Iran plans - By Mark Hosenball and.
Politics & Government - Los Angeles, CA (News, Politics & Talk): CSPAN ...
By (zuma dogg)
The guy is U.S. President, but the only words out of his mouth, are diversionary; in an attempt to point the finger -- ANYWHERE BUT AT HIM!!! SURELY, there must be SOMETHING in your power, Mr. President that you can tell the people of the ... - Los Angeles,...

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deviantART Forum: Why are people in US politics always falling ...
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