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Senate Leaders Agree on 2-Month Extension of Payroll Tax Cut
New York Times
... by adding conservative policy provisions, which have replaced earmarks as the legislative sweetener for Republican lawmakers in a Congress where fundamental differences about the role of government in American life deeply divide the parties. ...
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US political system can't handle an issue like climate change
Baltimore Sun (blog)
We also have a political system of, by and for the special interests who care about nothing but immediate profit. This is all exacerbated by special inteerst controlled media like Fox News and hate radio. The American people and political system will ...
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Domestic politics drives US sanctions on Iran
by Jamal Abdi In a dramatic demonstration of the domestic political pressure driving Iran policy in the United States, the House of Representatives this week voted to impose legal restrictions against diplomacy with Iran. The approved legislation sets ...
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CEO Says Pipeline Debate Has Gone 'Off on Tangents'
Fox News
TransCanada CEO Russ Girling said the proposed 1700-mile Keystone XL pipeline has become mired in debates over topics ranging from global warming to US presidential politics. The US State Department delayed the $7 billion project last month largely ...
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Supreme Court to Consider Arizona's Get-Tough Illegal Immigration Law
Right Side News
Obama's political calculations are no substitute for the rule of law. The Obama administration has no legal right to withhold this material from the American people, especially now that he is using this military victory in his presidential campaign. ...
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US turns over Iraqi detainee accused of killing soldiers
Los Angeles Times
"As a result, we are deeply concerned that Daqduq will never have to answer for his involvement in killing US citizens, that he could be released from Iraqi custody for political reasons, and that he would then return to the fight against the United ...
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Los Angeles Times
Obama Got Us Out of Iraq, but Voters Just Don't Care Anymore
The Atlantic
What I am opposed to is the attempt by political hacks like Karl Rove to distract us from a rise in the uninsured, a rise in the poverty rate, a drop in the median income, to distract us from corporate scandals and a stock market that has just gone ...
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The 'hot mess' of US politics
Chicago Tribune
In other words, give us a break. That routine doesn't work for high school nerds bragging about getting drunk on peach schnapps at band camp, and it doesn't work for political candidates trying to humanize themselves by manufacturing lukewarm flaws. ...
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Chicago Tribune
Republican Iowa debate: Republicans mock Obama's pleas to return US drone
Foreign policy based on pretty please? You have to be kidding," Romney said during a Fox News debate. "This is a president who fundamentally believes that the next century is the post-American century. Perhaps it will be the Chinese century. ...
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US Rep. West draws fire for likening Democrats' opinion-shaping to Nazi ...
Washington Post
"Comparing political differences today to the worst Nazi propagandist diminishes what happened to millions of Jewish families during the Second World War. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that Congressman West has made this type of hateful ...
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Peru Lets Lori Berenson Come to U.S. - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime
By Jeralyn
For the first time since being jailed in Peru in 1995, Peru has agreed to allow Lori Berenson, now on parole, to come to the U.S. She must return to Peru by January 11. Her father says she will return because she doesn't want to break the law. ...
US Embassy 'to keep out of Thai affairs' - The Nation
US Embassy 'to keep out of Thai affairs'. Royalist group protests against meddling in Thai justice system. - Politics

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U.S. Politics | House Of Politics
HOP - the political discussion forum. U.S. Politics. Page 1 of 328 1 ← 2 3 4 5 6 ... Why is the US so opposed to free healthcare for all? Dawkinsrocks, Dec 14 ...
Political Prisoners: Lessons for Occupationists and Us All | Black ...
Political Prisoners: Lessons for Occupationists and Us All. A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR editor and columnist Jared Ball. "We need to encourage a ...
Dick Cheney chats U.S. politics and policy - Yahoo!
Watch the video 'Dick Cheney chats U.S. politics and policy' on Yahoo! Screen.

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