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Den Tandt: Conservatives hew to common sense save for bizarre crime fixation
By Michael Den Tandt, Postmedia News February 14, 2012 7:06 PM What do Rob Nicholson and Vic Toews think they're achieving, beyond throwing occasional hunks of dripping meat to a social conservative base that, truth be told, is secure without it?
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Picking Up Obama's Gauntlet on Taxes
Wall Street Journal
Newt Gingrich at least is the kind of conservative that conservatives can rely upon to settle their scores for them, especially when that means getting off a bon mot at the expense of the media. Rick Santorum is at least an anti-Mitt who is also an ...
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Conservatives Sowed Idea of Health Care Mandate, Only to Spurn It Later
New York Times
It can be difficult to remember now, given the ferocity with which many Republicans assail it as an attack on freedom, but the provision in President Obama's health care law requiring all Americans to buy health insurance has its roots in conservative ...
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Conservative rethink on God in politics
Financial Times
But Lady Warsi's trip to the Vatican on Tuesday, when the Conservative chairman warned of the risks of "militant secularisation", is the latest example of how her party is increasingly willing to talk about religion in a way that previous generations ...
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Conservatives lift Santorum, imperil Romney front-runner status
Los Angeles Times
By Michael A. Memoli Another round of polling suggests that Rick Santorum may be on his way to consolidating conservative support nationally in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination. That's bad news for Newt Gingrich, and potentially ...
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Los Angeles Times
Conservatives defend minimum sentences for gun crimes
Toronto Star
Bruce Campion-Smith and Tanya Talaga Staff reporters OTTAWA—Just a day after a judicial slapdown, federal Conservatives are defending their push for mandatory jail sentences as "reasonable" and even demanded by Canadians. Prime Minister Stephen Harper ...
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Conservatives Eager to Unify Religion and Politics Have an Ally in Obama
Today's GOP conservatives seem a bit ludicrous when they've complained lately that President Obama is waging a "war on religion" by an ObamaCare provision that would mandate "free" access to birth control products and services, even at religious ...
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Conservatives take heavy fire over 'snoop and spy' legislation
Globe and Mail
Finger-pointing was rife in the Commons Tuesday, with opposition MPs charging that Conservative legislation threatens to turn Canada into a Big Brother-like society. The government maintains its online-surveillance bill merely brings the law into the ...
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Globe and Mail
Rick Santorum charges up conservatives in Tacoma, hopes to overcome GOP ...
Evangelical conservatives play a big role in the Washington GOP and could be a big part of the turnout for the caucuses -- as they were in Minnesota and Colorado, both caucus states won by Santorum. Santorum picked a particularly politically noteworthy ...
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Santorum's Michigan pitch calls him a 'trusted conservative'
Los Angeles Times
Santorum's spots tout him as a "trusted conservative" and the choice of supporters of the "tea party" movement, social conservatives and evangelical Christians, all important elements of the Feb. 28 primary in Romney's home state.
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Los Angeles Times

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Romney seeks to unite conservatives – CNN Political Ticker - CNN ...
By Dan Merica
Mesa, Arizona (CNN) -- Mitt Romney sought to answer lingering questions about his presidential bid and cast himself as the ideal GOP standard-bearer at an appearance before several thousand supporters outside Phoenix on Monday.
CNN Political Ticker
Santorum, Social Conservatives, and Swing ... - American Spectator
By W. James Antle, III
One kind is economically conservative, socially liberal swing voters. This is the kind of voter you usually read about, because it's the kind most familiar to political reporters - affluent and college educated. But there's a second kind of voter at ...
The American Spectator and The...
Practical Advice For Young Conservatives: Either Grow Up, Or Stop ...
By Alex Alvarez
RedState managing editor Erick Erickson has a bit of gentle advice for young men (and more than a few of the young women) in attendance at this year's CPAC: Grow up.
NYT/CBS poll shows conservatives consolidating behind Santorum ...
By Ed Morrissey
NYT/CBS poll shows conservatives consolidating behind Santorum.
Hot Air » Top Picks
Taking the House for Conservatives | RedState
By Evan Feinberg (Diary)
I don't need to tell you how important this upcoming election is. As conservatives, we have a historic opportunity to not just make Barack Obama a one-term.
evanfeinberg's Diary

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Romney Tries to Woo Conservatives at CPAC - NYTimes.com
The former governor held a private meeting alongside the Conservative Public Action Conference with about three dozen evangelical organizers, conservative ...

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