Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Progressives Now Have Their Own Cable Network: Will They Next Demand Their Own ...
Former Vice President Al Gore's cable network, Current TV, has come into its own recently with a full prime-time lineup of progressive political commentators that rivals anything MSNBC has to offer. Now, with the progressive wing of the Democratic ...
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Burlington Progressive leaders and mayoral candidates hold meetings
by Press Release | February 14, 2012 BURLINGTON — On Sunday evening, Burlington Progressive leaders met with each of the three mayoral candidates, Wanda Hines, Miro Weinberger, and Kurt Wright. The candidates had previously reached out to Progressives ...
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In Wisconsin, Progressives Against Progress
National Review Online (blog)
Of course, Falk's "Progressive" supporters are wont to forget the reason progressivism took root in Wisconsin. Progressive progenitor "Fighting Bob" La Follette railed against special interests deciding who earned a party's nomination, and spent his ...
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The Progressive Legacy: Part II
Town Hall
"Often wrong but never in doubt" is a phrase that summarizes much of what was done by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the two giants of the Progressive era, a century ago. Their legacy is very much alive today, both in their mindset ...
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The Progressive Legacy: Part III
Town Hall
The same presumptions of superior wisdom and virtue behind the interventionism of Progressive Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson in the domestic economy also led them to be interventionists in other countries. Theodore Roosevelt was so ...
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Obama's Win on Health Insurance and Contraception
Huffington Post
Progressives, according to this narrative, may feel Obama did the right thing, but the president will pay for it in November. This narrative rests on the assumption that Catholic voters take their cues from the most conservative elements of their ...
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Blankfein the Wrong Spokesman for Gay Rights
RollingStone.com (blog)
Traditionally a homogenous bastion of rightist politics, Wall Street's end-of-last-century shift toward an embrace of social issues dear to progressives and Democrats was a key to the finance community's success in finally seducing both major parties.
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RollingStone.com (blog)

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iOwnTheWorld.com » Blog Archive » We're Done – Progressives ...
By BigFurHat
However, progressives, after they were done with their knee-jerk outrage, looked up and said, "hmmmmm. Paying students? Not a bad idea." CBS-. CINCINNATI, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — A Cincinnati high school is paying its students to come ...

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Progressives Nationally Boost Kucinich Campaign | War Is A Crime ...
Progressive activist leaders around the country are throwing their support behind Congressman Dennis Kucinich's bid for reelection in a race in which ...

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