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Conservative Bill C-30 will let police spy on Canadians online
Toronto Star
But we have a Conservative majority in this country. This bill will pass. How can it not? So Toews got carried away. Or did he? The Conservatives are punitive and paranoid. What's so private that you wouldn't want the RCMP to see it?
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Toronto Star
Social conservatives press Obama on administration's birth-control mandate
The Hill
By Mike Lillis - 02/15/12 07:10 PM ET A group of social conservative lawmakers on Wednesday intensified its push to overturn President Obama's new birth-control mandate. The lawmakers, representing both parties and both chambers, said the president's ...
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Conservatives and enthusiasts cheer the end of the long-gun registry
National Post (blog)
By Jeff Davis OTTAWA — The Conservative government says its MPs will celebrate after a historic vote to end the long-gun registry Wednesday evening, despite vehement opposition to the move in Quebec and much of urban Canada. Public Safety Minister Vic ...
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National Post (blog)
US Sen. Lugar battling attacks from conservatives, Dems who allege he's not a ...
Washington Post
The charge by GOP challenger Richard Mourdock is just the latest in a series of them levied against the Republican senator by an unlikely alliance of Democrats and conservatives who have joined forces to argue Lugar no longer has much to do with ...
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Why Conservatives Lost the Payroll Tax Cut Battle
National Review Online (blog)
But the fact that these collectivist schemes continue to play out in their favor is not the fault of conservative leaders. It is, rather, a sign that Americans have lost their way. We conservatives have to make a much more convincing case that the road ...
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Conservatives scrutinize Santorum's fiscal record
San Francisco Chronicle
Supporters of the Tea Party movement, the grassroots conservatives who've been relentless in demanding tough, lean budgets, are rallying behind Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum - but his record suggests he's hardly one of them.
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How Conservatives Play The Media With The "Small Business" Card
Media Matters for America (blog)
On cue, conservatives played the "small business" card, claiming that raising taxes on the rich would amount to "massive tax increases on small businesses." While this knee-jerk attack is unsupported by evidence, it is fully supported by the media's ...
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BC Conservatives 'can't afford' mistakes when choosing candidates, leader says
The Province
By Cassidy Olivier, The Provincear February 15, 2012 6:21 PM With a goal of avoiding an embarrassing surprise during an election run, the BC Conservative Party has ordered all candidates to answer questions on everything from past relationships to ...
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Has Sarah Palin Forfeited the Role of Uniting Conservatives?
Texas GOP Vote
The fact that she did not isn't because Governor Palin herself is divisive, but because we Conservatives are a cantankerous and factious bunch who tend to eat our own and fight over degrees of commitment to the principles we hold dear.
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Texas GOP Vote
Conservatives Occupy Part of 'Occupy'
MyFox Washington DC
By JOHN HENREHAN/myfoxdc WASHINGTON - A small group of free-market conservatives has begun showing up at the Occupy DC location at Freedom Plaza. A group call the National Center For Public Policy Research has secured a five-week permit to hold midday ...
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Video: Why conservatives suck « Hot Air
By Tina Korbe
My favorite quote comes at the end: "Conservatives never claim that our own behavior is the standard, only that a standard for good behavior exists — and that sucks more than anything." It does, doesn't it? I'd be lying if I said I didn't wake up ...
Hot Air » Top Picks
Conservatives Would Support Israeli Military Action on Iran | The ...
By Daniel Halper
Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about Iran from The Weekly Standard, the must read magazine available in online edition.
The Weekly Standard Blog
Are conservatives losing their minds?
By Robert Ringer
Otherwise dependable conservatives appear to be losing their minds in their zeal to vanquish the media-created first family from the White House. Ann Coulter, a one-time paragon of hard-core conservatism, has confirmed a growing suspicion ...
Some Conservatives Are Upset Over Fox News' Alleged Move To ...
By Nando Di Fino
On Tuesday, POLITICO's Keach Hagey published a story on Fox News' course correction -- a Roger Ailes-backed move -- that has many conservatives up in arms. This Fox moves left theme is nothing new; last month an activist group called ...
Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum woos Idaho conservatives at ...
More than 2000 people packed Capital High School Tuesday night, whooping approval of the surging candidate's populist, anti-federal message. -- Post to...

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Surging Santorum woos CPAC conservatives - Washington Times
Carrying momentum from his three recent electoral wins, Rick Santorum cast himself Friday as the reliable conservative in the GOP presidential race, arguing ...

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