Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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A More Progressive Budget, a More Progressive President?
Huffington Post (blog)
So it is that some wonder whether the budget proposal put forth by President Obama is driven by the president's belief that we need to take a more progressive direction to address the nation's deep problems. Or is the president just deciding he needs ...
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Sowell: The Progressive Legacy - Part II
By Thomas Sowell February 15, 2012 6:46 am "Often wrong but never in doubt" is a phrase that summarizes much of what was done by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the two giants of the Progressive era, a century ago.
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A New Strategy for Wall Street Accountability
Huffington Post (blog)
And whether you viewed the settlement as a win, a defeat, or (like me), some of both, progressives who want big bank accountability and a better financial system in this country need to unite as we move into this new phase. 1.
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Ellen Woodsworth: COPE members must choose between two visions at AGM
These hard working progressives and more took us throught the election which I lost by 91 votes. I lost for many reasons, huge spending by the two main parties, lack of voter turn out and vote splitting were the main reasons. We can do something about ...
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How the GOP Lost Its Mind: Rule and Ruin
Houston Chronicle (blog)
The bulk of his work is focused on the ideological struggles of the 60's, when progressives, liberals, moderates, and conservatives launched the modern struggle for the shape of Republican politics. The image of a progressive Republican winning the ...
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Houston Chronicle (blog)
Omehia's petition suffers setback
The Nation Newspaper
By Bisi Olaniyi, Port Harcourt 3 hours 13 minutes ago The petition filed by the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Rivers State, Celestine Omehia, and his party, against Governor Rotimi Amaechi and three others, ...
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Liberal Catholics challenge bishops on Obama's contraception rule
CNN (blog)
"You have to ask why the bishops can't take yes for an answer," wrote Gehring, who works with the progressive group Faith in Public Life. On Wednesday, Gehring helped organize a call with reporters to discuss a congressional hearing this week at which ...
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Snooping bill flawed, but left's hysteria over Internet law is hypocrisy
Toronto Sun
But before we consider them — and why so-called "liberals" and "progressives" are the least credible critics on this issue — let's be clear on what the act will and won't do. It won't allow police to monitor personal Internet, e-mail and cellphone ...
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The liberal divide
Bangor Daily News
Nostalgia liberals often look at the other camp as traitors — or in any case not true progressives — while accountability liberals sometimes see their rivals as dinosaurs or special-interest captives. In truth, both camps have strong arguments, ...
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WHY 2012: Women's Historic Year
Huffington Post
The ideological attack on women's health that has taken center stage over the past few weeks makes clear -- yet again -- that the Republican agenda is incompatible with women's health and progressive American values. It's really that simple.
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