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How Corporate Lobbyists Stole the Conservative Brand
Huffington Post (blog)
This week, climate blogs including DeSmogBlog and ThinkProgress Green uncovered a leaked document precious to public interest advocates: a confidential memo and fundraising plan from the "conservative" Heartland Institute that lists its corporate ...
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Milburn proposals on university access could fuel 'social engineering' row
The Guardian
Growing Conservative anger over the way in which universities may be asked to play a role in promoting social mobility is likely to be reignited by proposals due shortly from Alan Milburn. The former Labour cabinet minister is now the independent ...
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The Guardian
Santorum courts Idaho conservatives in Boise
News & Observer
Santorum said he's happy to be called the "social conservative in the race" but that he talks about all the issues. Without naming them, Santorum dug at Mitt Romney for his Massachusetts top-down government health plan and Newt Gingrich for his former ...
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Judges should decide whether Internet service providers must surrender users ...
Toronto Star
But Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems to have finally understood that Canadians aren't inclined to meekly surrender age-old rights, including cherished privacy rights, to accommodate the Conservatives' ever-expanding tough-on-crime agenda.
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Toronto Star
Canadian Conservative government scraps controversial long-gun registry ...
Canada's Conservative government scraps the country's controversial long-gun registry and celebrates at a cocktail reception on Parliament Hill with pro-gun lobbyists. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrives for a press conference in the foyer ...
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Conservative Hispanic group defends Rubio over Reid remark
Fox News
A conservative Hispanic group is coming to the defense of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio after Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid questioned the Cuban-American lawmaker's commitment to "Hispanic issues" given his early opposition to an ambassadorial ...
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Fox News
Conservatives Gather at CPAC to Take Inconsequential Straw Poll
Burnt Orange Report
The vanguard of the GOP met last weekend at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference in Washington, DC to hold their virtually meaningless straw poll. The thousands of mostly college-aged, orthodox, right-wingers in attendance were ...
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Why Sarah Palin wants a 'brokered convention'
Washington Post (blog)
And conservative pundits are pushing for one. Now former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is saying she would "help" in with a brokered convention. "We could be looking at a brokered convention," she told Fox Business Network on Wednesday night.
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Civil libertarians when necessary
Ottawa Citizen
By Dan Gardner, The Ottawa Citizen February 16, 2012 This week, the Conservative government introduced legislation which would create a vast system of warrantless Internet surveillance. Civil libertarians howled in protest. Public Safety Minister Vic ...
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North's MPs vote with parties on gun registry bill
Nunavut's Conservative MP Leona Aglukkaq is calling Wednesday's vote to kill the long-gun registry an important day for northerners. The bill to kill the long-gun registry passed third reading in the House of Commons late yesterday afternoon.
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Conservatives: Get ready to lose the culture war | The Daily Caller
By Mark Judge
The truth is that America is becoming a left-wing country.
The Daily Caller
Daily Kos: Open thread for night owls: True conservatives ...
By (Hunter)
Politico tracked the conservative disgruntlement at this year's CPAC, the biggest convention for conservative show dogs in America today. They quoted a crazy person and conservative talk radio host (but I repeat myself) as saying this: ...
Daily Kos
Classically Liberal: Conservatives Shouldn't Drink and Drive Gay
By blog owner
Conservatives Shouldn't Drink and Drive Gay. Houston police have an incident report ID 32377, regarding an "INCIDENT INVOLVING A PROMINENT CITIZEN." The prominent citizen in question was Right-wing radio pundit Michael Berry, ...
Classically Liberal
Orwellian Brooklyn College Seminar Calls Conservatives Reactionary
Professor Viscusi insists that his words were friendly to conservatives. That's because Brooklyn College has excluded them. During the 2008 presidential election, I scanned Brooklyn College's $250 presidential campaign contributors and ...
Education News

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