Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Democracy For America Endorses Progressive 2012 House Candidates
Huffington Post
Howard Dean, has endorsed candidates in this year's House races, spotlighting 10 contests featuring progressives. The group said Thursday it will endorse Alan Grayson and Lois Frankel in Florida, Norman Solomon and Jose Hernandez in California, ...
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Progressive Groups Call for Firing of FHFA Head DeMarco
Progressive groups have turned their guns on Federal Housing Finance Agency acting director Ed DeMarco, arguing that he is holding back the housing recovery by refusing to allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to engage in principal reductions on the loans ...
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Experimenting with Progressive Alternatives
Harvard Crimson
By Victoria Fydrych, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER A class devoted to reinventing society, "Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Today" not only crosses intellectual boundaries, but also uses modern technology to allow college students from ...
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Opinion: Why Progressives Should Be the Willing Culture Warriors
WNYC (blog)
Progressives are realizing that too, and rather than ducking this fight, they are bringing it -- challenging Prop 8, fighting for Planned Parenthood, and becoming the Culture Warriors on a terrain wide enough that it's in their favor.
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Are Progressive Homeschoolers Lefty Frauds?
Babble (blog)
That may very well be so, but education reporter Dana Goldstein writes over on Slate that progressives opting to home-school are fooling themselves. They really aren't progressives at all. Goldstein argues that the "go-it-alone ideology" of ...
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Babble (blog)
Why I am a progressive
RU Daily Targum
I myself am a progressive, but I can understand the viewpoints of the other side and even at times agree with some of them. Though most people in universities are also progressives, there are many who aren't and of those who aren't, some cannot seem to ...
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Drummond: The good, the bad and the ugly (blog)
The Drummond report validates several other arguments that progressives have been making. Page 63 notes, "Proposed federal changes on income splitting and Tax-Free Savings Accounts could cost Ontario $1.3 billion in lost revenue, since the province ...
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Alex Emslie: With POTUS In Town, San Franciscans Debate ...
By Alex Emslie
These and other social issues sparked passionate debate amongst a crowd of 380 gathered in San Francisco's First Unitarian Universalist Church on Wednesday, Feb. 15 for a panel discussion on 'which way forward' for progressive activists ...
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Should progressives refuse to fight the right-wing's Culture Wars ...
Tell us what you think, and tonight watch the Power Panel tackle the question.
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RT @RCdeWinter Bumper stickers 4ppl like us #Dems #progressives #peoplewithbrains I unlocked the Say It Like You Mean It sticker on @GetGlue! No really like as any guy gonna answer my ...
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Ross Douthat Demands That Progressives Restrict Themselves to ...
Of course there is a more obvious progressive response that involves reversing the policies that have led to the massive upward redistribution of income over the ...
Vermont Tiger: Progressives Against ... Work?
Whatever else Theodore Roosevelt might have been – macho bully boy, nascent fascist, war lover, etc. etc. – there is no denying his credentials as a ...

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