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Santorum goes after Romney and Obama in appeal to conservative base in Ohio
By MITCHELL LANDSBERG AND SEEMA MEHTA COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As he bounded from one cheering throng to the next in the battleground state of Ohio, Rick Santorum roused his conservative base Saturday with ideas not often heard in mainstream American politics ...
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Getting His Conservative Message Delivered and Heard
New York Times
But with relatively limited resources, the conservative activist has rented space in the heads of some of the state's top Republican officials. He came of political age in 2010, when fiscal conservatives — some of them affiliated with the Tea Party ...
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New York Times
Romney's 'Fiscal Conservative' Whopper
Mitt Romney says, "If you want a fiscal conservative, you can't vote for Rick Santorum, because he's not." Really? Three fiscally conservative groups rate Santorum's lifetime voting record as better than most other Republican lawmakers, and one of them ...
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TINA DUPUY: Republicans: The severe conservatives
Wicked Local
As the kick-off speaker at this year's CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) DeMint used a somewhat softer analogy: football. Specifically these two teams DeMint sees have different goals. "We don't have shared goals with the Democrats.
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In Columbus, Santorum fires up conservatives
Columbus Dispatch
By David Eggert Presidential contender Rick Santorum continued his two-day swing through Ohio today with two stops in Columbus, pitching his conservative credentials to tea party members and social conservatives. He also swiped back at criticism of his ...
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Are Conservatives With Ginsburg Or Founders On The Constitution? - OpEd
Eurasia Review
In that the Constitution militates against a nanny state and preserves a status quo, it is by its very nature a conservative document. This is why liberals hate it so. And, as the power of the left grows via their control over the culture, ...
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Mitt Romney, severe conservative, says Rick Santorum is too liberal
Daily Kos
by Jed LewisonFollow for Daily Kos "If you want a fiscal conservative, you can't vote for Rick Santorum, because he's not," Romney told the crowd. "He's not a deficit hawk - he says he's not a deficit hawk. I am, I'ma fiscal conservative.
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Daily Kos
No one wins when a political fight turns dirty
Toronto Sun
What derailed C-30, truly, was a chorus of conservative voices who objected to the bill's intrusive and authoritarian provisions. Not the gutter politics. My arch-conservative Sun News colleague, Brian Lilley, hammered the Harper regime for C-30's ...
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Conservatives urge 'immediate' U.S. action on Syria – CNN Security ...
By shirleyhenrycnn
By CNN's Joe Sterling Prominent U.S. conservatives want the Obama administration to "take immediate action" against the Syrian regime, including "no-go zones" for President Bashar al-Assad's military and "self-defense aid" to resistance ...
CNN Security Clearance
Instapundit » Blog Archive » MIKE RAPPAPORT ON ANDREW ...
By Glenn Reynolds
MIKE RAPPAPORT ON ANDREW BREITBART, LIBERTARIANS, AND CONSERVATIVES: "Alas, I think there is quite a bit to say for what Breitbart is claiming. Certainly, libertarians — even those who are hostile to conservatives — must ...
Adrienne's Corner: PJ Media thinks conservatives and the GOP has ...
By Adrienne
I don't mean they have a problem with contraception, although many do (conservative men, anyway). Nor am I saying that opposition to pornography is politically problematic, or the criticism of using sex in marketing will lose them votes, ...
Adrienne's Corner
How Conservatives Have Moved The Goalposts On Same-Sex ...
By Doug Mataconis
When it comes to same-sex marriage, the right is fighting a losing battle.
Outside the Beltway
Impolitical: Conservatives against online spying & other notes
By Nancy Leblanc
There is a letter cross-posted at that has been sent to the members of the conservative Free Dominion site. It's essentially an appeal for the Conservative base to contact their MPs and encourage them to speak out against C-30.

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