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Rep Says Progressives Have Unfairly Targeted Her
Since the Republicans were elected into office, the Progressives have been working full time to discredit us, and for some reason, they have targeted me personally. From day one, there has been a Progressive in my committee with the camera running ...
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Libertarian Centralizers: As Bad as the Other Kind?
Tenth Amendment Center
Astonishingly, libertarians have been marching in lockstep with the progressives in advertising the beauties of this doctrine throughout the 20th century. Another libertarian devotee of the incorporation doctrine, Randy Barnett, even castigated ...
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Subsidy probe: Reps can't bite –Hanga
Daily Sun
The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has initiated a move to reposition the party for the future election. What is your take on this, especially given the fact that you were once in court to challenge the legality of the present leadership?
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Ranked-choice voting - does anyone care?
San Francisco Chronicle
Lee is a moderate and elections for the Board of Supervisors have generally moved to the middle, despite progressive choices. "It was all about increasing the chances to win, but it just hasn't worked out," said political analyst David Latterman.
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Marriage law adds needed language about religious leaders
The Olympian
With the state of Washington becoming the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage, there is much for religious progressives such as myself to applaud. As a proponent of marriage equality, I recognize that the ability to create sacred and stable ...
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