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Santorum fights charges he's a "fake" conservative
CBS News
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Wednesday night fought back against charges from his GOP rivals that he's a "fake" fiscal conservative, pointing to the ratings he received as a legislator from conservative groups and his plan to ...
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Conservative pundits come to Rick Santorum's defense
Rick Santorum's conservative defenders among the opinion elite insist that he's not the fire-and-brimstone, revival-tent caricature his opponents are making him out to be. He's an authentic conservative, and that's why his critics fear him, they say.
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Fraudulent election calls traced to Edmonton firm with Tory links
National Post
While the agency investigates, aided by the RCMP, the Conservatives are conducting an internal probe. A party lawyer is interviewing campaign workers to find who was behind the deceptive "robocalls." Elections Canada launched its investigation after it ...
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National Post
Behind Conservatives' Dissatisfaction With Mitt Romney
By Ronald Kessler Ronald Kessler reporting from Washington, DC — Everyone wants to know why Mitt Romney doesn't whip up more enthusiasm among conservatives. Bay Buchanan, a senior advisor to Romney, gives Newsmax a thoughtful and candid answer.
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Both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum Disappoint Conservatives
U.S. News & World Report
Santorum jumps right up and down on one of the great fault lines of the conservative movement. There is a split among conservatives that divides the movement. Some are fiscal conservatives who are only interested in the fiscal issues.
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Elections Canada investigating 'robocalls' that misled voters
Montreal Gazette
Elections Canada has traced fraudulent phone calls made during the federal election to an Edmonton voice-broadcast company that worked for the Conservative Party across the country. While the agency investigates, aided by the RCMP, the Conservatives ...
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Conservatives seek to sell OAS shift to younger voters
Nanaimo Daily News
The Conservative government maintains the OAS system - which pays retired Canadians a maximum of $540 monthly - is on shaky financial ground because the number of seniors is expected to double over the next 20 years. At the same time, the share of the ...
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Conservatives brand First Minister Carwyn Jones 'naive' over support for Robin ...
THE Conservatives have branded Carwyn Jones "naïve" after he became the first government leader in the UK to back a so-called "Robin Hood tax" on financial transactions. The First Minister came out in favour of the tax today, saying it was "perfectly ...
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Capitol Confidential » Conservatives say DiNapoli must return union ...
By Jimmy Vielkind, Capitol bureau
But Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long said DiNapoli "may be refusing to stand up for taxpayers because of the heavy contributions by labor unions," noting DiNapoli's full-throated opposition to a including a defined-contribution option in ...
Capitol Confidential
The Establishment, Compromise and Conservatives « Commentary ...
By Peter Wehner
Among conservatives today, there's a phrase that has become an all-purpose term of derision: "the establishment." The purpose of the charge is to call into question the bona fides of self-proclaimed conservatives and Republicans. The choice ...
Commentary Magazine
The PJ Tatler » Janine Turner: Can Conservatives be Pro-Life in the ...
By Bryan Preston
Conservative candidates do occasionally pander to the single mother as heroic but then spout words like "child out of wedlock" and "illegitimate" in the next sentence accompanied by the woes the world has to offer her and her child.
The PJ Tatler

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