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Burlington Progressives decide not to endorse a mayoral candidate
by Press Release | February 22, 2012 BURLINGTON – The Burlington City Progressive Party, through its steering committee, has decided that it will not endorse a mayoral candidate in the 2012 mayoral race. The steering committee would like to thank all ...
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After the Third Way: Progressive Alternatives to European Austerity
Huffington Post
Over a decade ago, 13 of the then 15 member countries of the European Union were led by progressive governments. Today, austerity politics dominates, and Socialist, Social Democratic and Labour parties are in opposition in all but 3 of the Union's now ...
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Progressives won't endorse Burlington mayoral candidate
By WCAX News - bio | email After holding the mayor's office for 29 of the last 31 years, Burlington Progressives are sitting out this year's race. The party did not field a candidate of its own, and Wednesday announced it will not endorse any of the ...
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Oklahoma casino pays out more than $220000 in two days
Casino City Times
DURANT, Oklahoma -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, has proven that winning huge on progressive jackpots is a reality. In just two days, two lucky players have hit the jackpot on Wheel of Fortune slot machines.
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In Vitro Meat: PETA Accepts Science
Science 2.0
He doesn't recognize it is not liberal bias that is the problem, it is progressives. Liberals can write articles talking about The Big White Elephant In The Room and worry that the lack of diversity in science media and science academia is harmful to ...
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2012 Elections
It will just shift the debate even farther right By David Sirota Among progressive friends and colleagues of mine, there seems to be a consensus that the longer the Republican presidential primary continues the better for progressives.
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The Nature Of Man
Naples Daily News (blog)
Progressives believe that history needs to be viewed only in terms of its failures and that even though some of these examples, were in fact failures, this isn't where we should focus, but rather on how we can tweak them so they will work next time.
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Wright's Record: How Burlington's Favorite Republican Votes in Montpelier
Seven Days
Wright is the only one of three Republicans on the committee who occasionally sides with Democrats and Progressives, Klein says. "When push comes to shove in my committee, I can go to Kurt Wright and I can deal with him on an issue, and he will make ...
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Seven Days
Mimiko: Footsteps of a model
Nigerian Tribune
But then, the progressives have not read Awo's books. Or they have read them but are experiencing indigestion; or perhaps they have digested them, but lack the quality of mind to translate what they have read into action. Lagos, together with the ...
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The cause of the federal government's expansion
Desert Dispatch
The opinion in question is Progressivism, which holds that the federal government should not be restricted to the powers set forth in the United States Constitution, but should "evolve" and "change with the times" so that the conditions of life can be ...
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Progressives and Conservatives Agree: Occupy Rape IS A Problem ...
By Dana Loesch
Progressives had excuses for every single rape. We are in total agreement with Pelly that media, particularly MSNBC, attempted to "normalize" these injustices to women. Simply because a woman shows up to a progressive protest isn't an ...
Big Journalism
Daily Kos: Progressives Guide to Social Media 4: StumbleUpon
By (novenator)
At this point, begin to seek out other strong progressives to befriend (suggested list below) and check out those who have already added you to see which ones you want to add back. Send everyone who you follow a short message saying ...

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Sometimes, it's okay for progressives to embrace progress - Greater ...
Not allowing development to happen effectively enables all of the things progressives say they don't want, such as more driving, more gentrification, more ...

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