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More than a dozen ridings blitzed by harassing fake Liberal phone calls in ...
Montreal Gazette
An analysis of reports of mysterious harassing phone calls during the May 2011 election points to the existence of a systematic voter suppression campaign targeting Liberal voters in tightly contested ridings. Unlike the pre-recorded "robocalls" now ...
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Elections Canada on misleading Tory call: 'Inaccuracies can occur'
Globe and Mail
The call was linked to the same company that was behind a dirty tricks campaign in Liberal MP Irwin Cotler's Montreal riding last fall. The Waterloo incident bears a striking resemblance to similar robo-calls made in the nearby riding of Guelph, ...
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Globe and Mail
Staffer linked to robocall scandal leaves post: reports
Victoria Times Colonist
By Jason Fekete, Postmedia News February 24, 2012 6:07 PM Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae has called a press conference for Saturday to speak about Postmedia's latest revelations in the so-called 'robocall' scandal. OTTAWA — A Conservative ...
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Liberals want ambulance wait times reviewed
The Alberta Liberals say the Health Quality Council (HQCA) should look at growing wait times for people needing an ambulance. Liberal health critic David Swann says the health of Albertans is increasingly at risk as it takes longer and longer to get ...
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Santorum punches back: Romney 'resolutely liberal'
Politico (blog)
"It's pretty clear what team Mitt Romney is on when he passed socialized medicine that included $50 dollar abortions — bragged about not lining up with the NRA — appointed liberal activist judges to the Massachusetts bench, and was hanging out at ...
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Rick Santorum Previews Fresh Attack On Mitt Romney: 'He's Resolutely Liberal'
ABC News (blog)
Santorum's comments paint Romney as a "liberal" who supported "activist judges," who granted marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples, who allowed "$50 dollar abortions" and who fought "against the 2nd Amendment" and for "radical environmental ...
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ABC News (blog)
Liberals pressuring province to review emergency response times
The Alberta Liberals say they have information that contradicts the recent Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) report. The HQCA report stated there was no evidence anyone in the province had died while waiting for care. Liberal Health Critic David ...
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Facebook/National Post
National Post
Dismissing Conservative suggestions that a 'rogue operator' could be behind the 'robocalls,' interim Liberal leader Bob Rae said the real blame for any election trickery rests with the political culture the Prime Minister has created in the Tories.
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National Post
Liberals claim EMS response too slow
The Alberta Liberals say they have proof that EMS response times are having deadly consequences. The Alberta Liberals say they have proof that EMS response times are having deadly consequences. On Friday morning, Alberta Official Opposition Health ...
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Keith Beardsley: Liberals, past masters at election trickery, feign horror at ...
National Post
If we take Rae at face value, his comment that "This stuff doesn't happen unless the boss lets it happen" implies that Jean Chretien must have known everything that various Liberal operatives were up to in what became known as the sponsorship scandal.
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National Post

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The PJ Tatler » Bertrand Russell's Rules for Liberals
By Charlie Martin
Bertrand Russell's Rules for Liberals. Do not feel absolutely certain of anything. Do not think it worth while to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light. Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed ...
The PJ Tatler
How badly do liberals want to preserve the right of infanticide ...
By Steve Milloy
How badly do liberals want to preserve the right of infanticide? Posted on February 24, 2012 by Steve Milloy | Leave a comment. This photo says it all. Click for the story behind the photo.

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Liberals Hate Mormons - Big Journalism
Remember when Charles Blow of The New York Times was fussing about the tea party's supposed racism? Blow called the Dallas Tea Party "a minstrel show," ...
Polls Show Liberals, Not Santorum, Are The Ones Who Are 'Well ...
Liberals have an odd sense of what constitutes "mainstream" public opinion. For example, a February 21 piece by liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene ...
How common are godless liberals? | Gene Expression | Discover ...
Religion | Atheism | I'm going to be speaking at the Moving Secularism Forward conference in Orlando next week. They invited me because I'm a conservative ...

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