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US politics live: Senior Republicans air discontent with GOP candidates
The Guardian
2.05pm: Here's one for the American football and politics fans out there: Judging from pictures, looks like Mitt pinned himself in inside the 20. David Axelrod: zing. 1.42pm: More on Mitt "Four Cars" Romney. This tweet from CBS's Sarah Boxer reveals ...
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The Guardian
For Romney, a Message Lost in the Empty Seats
New York Times
DETROIT —Mitt Romney set out on Friday to deliver a sweeping and sober vision for how to revive the American economy in a major policy speech here. In the end, he delivered something else as well: an unintended lesson about how poor visuals and errant ...
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New York Times
Auto Workers Tap Network for President
New York Times
It was the beginning of an effort by the UAW and others in the labor movement to put their vast political organizations into motion behind Mr. Obama, testing their power in a difficult economy after years of declining membership.
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New York Times
Oh say, can you see? Canadian politics takes on an American flavour
Vancouver Sun
Over breakfast last week, an American guest bemoaned her country's politics. She ceased to recognize them any more, she said. They had careened off on some crazy trajectory — the ricochets of too many trigger fingers. US politics, she said, ...
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US Suffers Without Long-Term Energy Policy
Fox Business
As predictable as the change of seasons is the call every few years for a "comprehensive US energy policy" whenever the price of gas approaches $4 a gallon. Just as predictable is the defensive posture taken by whichever administration happens to ...
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Obama administration seeks credit for increase of domestic oil production
Fox News
As White House spokesman Jay Carney said this week "Oil and gas production in the United States has risen every year since the president's been in office. Oil production is now higher than it's been in eight years." Industry analysts say production is ...
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A political tip sheet for the rest of us
Middletown Journal
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL, The Associated Press 7:26 PM Thursday, February 23, 2012 WASHINGTON — A political tip sheet for the rest of us outside the Washington Beltway, for Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012: ROMNEY CALLS SANTORUM A ...
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Gas Prices: Why Obama's Energy Policy Won't Ease Pain at the Pump
In his Miami remarks, Obama said that despite political criticism of his policies "America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years. He also noted that, for the first time in 30 years, the United States is now exporting more ...
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Post-9/11 policy—III: Collapse of partnership
Pakistan Observer
PPP joined the opposition in the Parliament to unanimously condemn the United States. The rising political, military and popular fury against the United States boiled over on November 26 when NATO bombers killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in Mohmand Agency.
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Political Science Jobs: Virginia Tech | Jack Miller Center
By rmajor
Tenure-track position in U.S. politics and institutions with strengths in Congress, interest groups, and parties. Begins August 10, 2012. ... Working Title. Assistant Professor in Political Science (U.S. Politics). Role Title. Posting Number. 0110879 ...
Jack Miller Center

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5 Tips for Super Tuesday - US Politics -
Important questions and answers about Super Tuesday 2012.
Voting in US politics: One man, one vote. One rich man, one ... - Reddit
SuperPACs, wealthy donors, "money is speech" - isn't the case pretty clear already?

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