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Hébert: Robocall: Conservative support rock solid despite vote controversy
Toronto Star
With allegations of vote suppression swirling around their party, no one should be surprised that Conservative strategists have gone in the opposite direction. Prime Minister Stephen Harper's expressions of dismay at the suggestion that persons ...
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Toronto Star
Conservative US Republicans seek deeper spending cuts
Conservatives push $931 bln cap on discretionary spending * Republican aides say cuts would cost spending bill support * US government shutdown risk could resurface By David Lawder WASHINGTON, March 7 (Reuters) - Conservative Republicans in the US ...
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Conservatives about-face, now support NDP move to boost Elections Canada's powers
Ottawa Citizen
By Mark Kennedy, Postmedia News March 7, 2012 9:56 PM Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives, in a sudden flip-flop, have revealed they are prepared to support giving more investigative powers to Canada's chief electoral officer.
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Robocalls: Conservative government says it will support more audit powers for ...
Toronto Star
Tonda MacCharles Ottawa Bureau OTTAWA—With a flood of political "dirty tricks" complaints pouring into Elections Canada, the federal Conservative government has reversed course and says it will now support more audit powers for the elections watchdog.
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Conservatives relent, will support new audit powers for Elections Canada
Guelph Mercury
By Bruce Cheadle OTTAWA — The Conservative government reversed course Wednesday and now says it will support an NDP motion to give Elections Canada increased audit powers. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has battled the federal elections watchdog ...
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Conservative writers: Mitt Romney's weak wins
Mitt Romney awoke after Super Tuesday only to face a fresh barrage of criticism, doubts and second-guessing from influential conservatives. "Rarely has a candidate seemed so inevitable and so weak at the same time," the National Review's Rich Lowry ...
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Conservatives says Romney's work cut out for him--Gingrich launches Romney ...
(; Twitter: @jameshohmann) BOISE, Idaho—Elite conservative reaction to Super Tuesday's results signals that Mitt Romney still has lots of work to do at shoring up his base and that this nominating contest will go on for quite some ...
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Tories to support NDP motion on Elections Canada powers
An NDP motion that calls on the government to make campaign call centres register with Elections Canada is expected to pass, with the Conservatives planning to vote in favour. The motion is non-binding but gives opposition MPs the chance to speak at ...
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Tories hit for blocking bid to widen powers of elections boss
Vancouver Sun
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper's governing Conservatives have come under fire for blocking a move in recent months to give Canada's chief electoral officer more power to audit the expenses of political parties. As controversy continued to rage ...
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Robo-calling Conservatives have lost people's consent
Vancouver Courier
Without a full public enquiry into the matter, at this stage the federal Conservatives cannot claim to govern with the people's consent. Some historical context here. At the 2003 Progressive Conservative convention, leadership candidate David Orchard ...
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Senate Republicans and Boehner Unite Against Conservatives ...
By Daniel Horowitz (Diary)
Who needs Democrats when so many Republicans are willing to orchestrate their agenda for them? The Senate is on the precipice of passing Barbara Boxer's.
dhorowitz3's blog
First Read - Santorum camp asking conservatives to pressure ...
By NBC's Andrew Rafferty
STEUBENVILLE, OH -- Rick Santorum's campaign is calling on conservatives to pressure Newt Gingrich to abandon his bid for the White House, a senior adviser told reporters tonight. Senior campaign strategist John Brabender said the key ...
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What Conservatives Are Saying About The Rush Limbaugh Ad Boycott
By Jim Edwards
Since the advertising boycott of Rush Limbaugh's show began—at least 36 companies have pulled their media schedules from his show—our comments boards have filled up with hundreds of posts from conservatives supporting Rush.
GayPatriot » Conservatives still looking for an acceptable alternative?
By B. Daniel Blatt
And although his chances of winning the Republican nomination are slim, he still wins the support of sucy prominent mainstream conservatives as Fred Thompson and Tea Party favorites and this former governor who dubs the former Speaker ...
The Constitution According to Kos, or How Conservatives are Like ...
By Jimmie
The Constitution According to Kos, or How Conservatives are Like Earworms · Jimmie | March 7, 2012 | Comments (0). What it is with progressives and the Constitution? I don't mean the usual progressive problem with the supreme law of our ...
The Sundries Shack

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The Page by Mark Halperin | Mitt Gains Among Conservatives
New ABC News/Washington Post poll measuring favorability: Somewhat conservatives 52 (+10) Very conservatives 50 (+12) Conservative Republicans 67 ...

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