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Progressives rally against Legislature on lands, sex ed
Salt Lake Tribune
By Brandon Loomis Utah progressives rallying to shout their displeasure at a lost legislative session gathered Wednesday evening in the Capitol basement to decry bills that would privatize federal lands, curtail anti-pollution efforts, ...
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Ilya Sheyman's Progressive Run
The Nation. (blog)
On Tuesday, Feingold pledged his support and that of Progressives United—his recently formed group focused on opposing corporate power—to Ilya Sheyman, a 25-year-old community organizer running in Illinois 10th District for a shot at the incumbent, ...
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The Nation. (blog)
Gary Dorrien: Progressives' should aim ire at Republicans, not Obama
By Gary Dorrien Every week on the lecture trail I meet progressives who are demoralized and/or infuriated by Barack Obama's performance as president. They insist that they will not work for him again or even vote for him. Many have signed petitions ...
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Martin Sheen Says Progressives Should Stop Expecting Bartlet From Obama
Huffington Post Canada
Today, however, Sheen finds himself frustrated with fellow progressives over their disappointment that Barack Obama's real presidency hasn't matched the heights of his imaginary one. "It's unrealistic," Sheen told The Huffington Post Canada in a ...
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'Liberal progressives' merely a code phrase for socialists
Livingston Daily
... from this label perhaps because of the negative connotation associated with the National Socialist German Workers Party, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Instead as subterfuge, socialists now use the code phrase "liberal progressives."
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Note to progressives: stop being wimps
Scholars and Rogues
When I listen to progressive radio—well I don't listen to progressive radio because I don't want to doze off and drive into a ditch. Once upon a time WE had passion. WE had days of rage. WE expressed ourselves in strong and compelling ways.
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Progressives gain a Burlington council seat
The Progressive Party will no longer hold the mayorís job once Mayor-elect Miro Weinberger, a Democrat, takes over next month. But the party did gain a seat on the City Council in Tuesdayís voting. A council seat in Ward 2, in the Old North End, ...
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D5 candidates and constituents scrutinize Olague
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Those seemed to play out yesterday when Olague bucked progressives to be the sixth co-sponsor of Sup. Mark Farrell's proposed charter amendment to repeal ranked-choice voting for citywide offices. Already, many of her progressive constituents – even ...
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Chellie Pingree Announces She Will Not Run For Retiring Senator Olympia ...
Huffington Post
Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) will not be running for the US Senate, dashing the hopes of progressives who had already been raising money for her campaign. Pingree's announcement came after former governor Angus King, an independent with strong name ...
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What Sunk Dennis Kucinich in Ohio Democratic Primary Vs. Marcy Kaptur
Daily Beast
The diminutive progressive firebrand, thumped by Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the Democratic primary in a merged Ohio district, made enemies in Cleveland, but his abortion switch and quirky behavior may have done him in. When 32-year-old Dennis Kucinich took ...
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Daily Beast

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Daily Kos: Progressives Guide to Social Media 6: Facebook
By (novenator)
To be influential on FB as a progressive internet activist, you need to establish a good rapport with key members of the community, be interactive, and have good connections in active political groups. This takes time. While the official policy ...
American Power: Progressives Attack Actor Kirk Cameron for ...
By Donald Douglas
Progressives Attack Actor Kirk Cameron for Alleged Anti-Gay 'Hate Speech'. Well, this is a huge surprise! Huge! At ABC News, "Exclusive: Kirk Cameron Responds to Critics, 'Hate Speech'." And at WND, "Kirk Cameron Fires Back." You just ...
American Power
The Magnes Zionist: Selling Purim to Progressives One More Time
By (Jerry Haber)
It's not just the Scroll of Esther that discomfits progressives; it's the Amalek thing; it's the Barukh Goldstein thing (Goldstein was the settler who on Purim murdered Palestinians in prayer); it's the Hanan Porat "Purim Sameah" ("Happy Purim") ...
The Magnes Zionist
Note to progressives: Stop. Being. Wimps. // Current TV
By hoosierdaddy
Right-speak has become "fair and balanced," center-speak has become socialist, and left-speak has become bile. And we on the left have been either too lazy.
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Progressives Guide to Social Media 6: Facebook - Digg
Facebook is the largest social networking website in the history of mankind. There are over 800 million users and is expected to breach 1 billion in August.

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