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Romney works behind the scenes to attract conservatives
Conservative senator "comfortable" with Romney * Candidate tries to overcome suspicion * Presses fiscal conservative themes By Steve Holland and Thomas Ferraro WASHINGTON, March 22 (Reuters) - Mitt Romney, sensing the US Republican presidential ...
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"Granny tax" is hard sell for UK's Conservatives
Conservatives under attack over "millionaire's budget" * Finance minister Osborne says budget good for growth * Party must avoid being rebranded as pro-rich, anti-poor By Estelle Shirbon LONDON, March 22 (Reuters) - Britain's ruling Conservatives were ...
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Wonkbook: For some conservatives, even Ryan does not go far enough
Washington Post (blog)
The committee is chaired by Paul Ryan, the conservative heartthrob whose budgets have, over the last few years, come to define the modern Republican Party. House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., center, holds up a copy of his budget ...
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Conservatives Prepare to Boss Romney Around
Daily Beast
"My hope is that fifty years from now, someone is going to write a biography and it's going to be known that Romney was one of the most conservative presidents in American history, and a conservative hero," Hecker echoed. "And it's going to be because ...
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Daily Beast
Conservatives backing Ryan's plan to avoid automatic defense cuts
The Hill (blog)
By Jeremy Herb - 03/22/12 02:32 PM ET Conservatives in the House say they are not objecting to the House Republican budget using reconciliation to replace some of the $500 billion in automatic cuts to defense spending, making it unlikely that ...
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Conservative groups confronting super PACs
Washington Post (blog)
Kinzinger won, leaving some hard feelings among Manzullo's conservative supporters. So does this spat matter? With the preponderance of new super PACs, some argue that anti-establishment groups like the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks no longer have ...
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Romney Etch A Sketch Flap Stokes Conservative Fears
Investor's Business Daily
Still, it says a lot about what conservatives fear most about his candidacy — and the challenges he faces as GOP standard bearer. "Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign," Fehrnstrom said. "Everything changes.
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Will the true conservative please stand up
Chicago Tribune
As the Republican presidential primary race continues its interminable path, the one recurring question seems to be: Who is the most conservative candidate? Apparently Republicans will no longer tolerate a liberal or even a moderate nominee.
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Tom Hanks, under fire from conservatives, apologizes for 'hideously offensive ...
New York Daily News
By Aliyah Shahid / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tom Hanks, under fire from conservatives, apologized Wednesday for 'hideously offensive' video in which he appeared next to a man in blackface. Tom Hanks has played a gay man, a cross-dresser and a ...
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New York Daily News

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Chris Mooney | The Science of Truthiness: Why Conservatives Deny ...
By Chris Mooney
And of course, the new book homes in on the brains—really, the psychologies—of politically conservative homo sapiens in particular. You know, Stephen Colbert once said that "reality has a well-known liberal bias." And essentially what I'm ...
Dear Conservatives: Romney Isn't One of Us But We Still Hold The ...
By Warner Todd Huston
Romney is not conservative. Anyone that says he's conservative is only trying to convince themselves and is willfully ignoring not only Romney's entire executive record when he was governor of Massachusetts, but ignoring all the tell-tale ...
Warmist Chris Mooney on 'Why Conservatives Deny Global ...
Climate Depot Response: UK Scientist Philip Stott: 'Climate change is governed by hundreds of factors, or variables, and the very idea that we can manage climate change predictably by understanding and manipulating at the margins one ...
Climate Depot - Romney works behind the scenes to attract conservatives
Mitt Romney, sensing the U.S. Republican presidential nomination will be his, is working behind the scenes to try to unify conservatives behind him and he may be gaining some traction.
XE Forex News
Maybe the Conservatives picked the wrong party/leader to attack ...
By Scott Tribe
The survey by Environics Research Group provided to The Globe and Mail has the two parties at 30 per cent support among voters. That's about the same percentage of the popular vote that the NDP earned in the May 2 general election.
Scott's DiaTribes

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Romney Improves Among Conservatives
A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds 64% of very conservative Republicans and independents now view Mitt Romney positively, up from a February low ...
"Granny tax" is hard sell for Conservatives - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: LONDON (Reuters) - The ruling Conservatives were pilloried on Thursday as a party pandering to millionaires and slapping a "Granny tax" ...

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