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French intelligence queried over al Qaeda shooter
Hardened by battling Islamic militants from its former North African colony of Algeria, France's security services have long been regarded as among the most effective in Europe, having prevented terror attacks on French soil for the last 15 years.
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Islam is bad for women. Islam is hateful towards women.
CNN (blog)
Muslims defending islam is ridicules. Open your eyes buddy, you're being fed lies. "Over time, Arab societies will find a way to accommodate new expressions of Islam with democracy and women's empowerment. " Whoever believes that comment will be ...
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Toulouse Aftermath: Dreadful Ironies and Questions
Huffington Post
Mohammed Merah, a teenage loser, a petty thief and unemployed garage mechanic, who achieved instant worldwide notoriety as the latest symbol of Islamic jihad, went down in a hail of bullets early this morning. He leaves a string of unanswered questions ...
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Tolerating Islam: "He grabbed her by the hair and then shot her in the head"
Town Hall
Mehdi Nedder knew the suspected Islamic terrorist, Mohamed Merah, only "slightly," says the Associated Press. But what he knows about him now has him slightly more worried. Merah, 21, killed seven people in Toulouse, France, including three children, ...
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Police: Islamic gunman dead after French standoff
Asbury Park Press
(AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere) / Remy de la Mauvinere/AP TOULOUSE, FRANCE — An Islamic extremist who boasted of killing seven people to strike back at France died Thursday after jumping from his window, gun in hand, in a fierce shootout with police, ...
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Slain French killer had a criminal background
A French doctor runs to assist the injured after an Islamic extremist died after jumping from his window, gun in hand, in a fierce shootout with police in Toulouse, France Thursday March 22, 2012. The death of Mohamed Merah, 23, ended a more than ...
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French terror suspect shot in head by police
San Jose Mercury News
By Sarah DiLorenzo and Johanna Decorse AP TOULOUSE, France -- Inspired by radical Islam and trained in Afghanistan, the gunman methodically killed French schoolchildren, a rabbi and paratroopers and faced down hundreds of police for 32 hours.
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Despite shootings, extremist Islam waning in France: experts
The former resident of a Toulouse suburb is believed to have been drawn into radicalism after joining a group of Salafists -- an ultra-conservative brand of Islam -- and travelling to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Such trips to Aghanistan "were quite ...
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Role of Islamic Law in Local Constitution Provokes Debate
Adel Almi is the president and founder of the Moderate Association for Awareness and Reform, a civil society organization that advocates for the implementation of Islamic law. Almi was among the organizers of a demonstration held last Friday in front ...
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Burmanet » International Islamic News Agency: Myanmar/Islam ...
International Islamic News Agency: Myanmar/Islam: Burmese Muslims learn lessons from the West Mon 19 Mar 2012. Filed under: International. Sydney-The ...
Islamic news agencies go on attack against law center that defends ...
The ultimate in legal jihad. When there is no one left to legally defend non- Muslims against sharia the conquest will be complete. via TMLC getting 'flack' from ...

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