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Iranian New Year glimpse of pre-Islamic rituals
San Jose Mercury News
The Iranian New Year or Nowruz, meaning "New Day'' was marked Tuesday in a rare glimpse at customs stretching back to the country's pre-Islamic past. TEHRAN, Iran—The Iranian New Year—or Nowruz, meaning "New Day"—was marked Tuesday in a rare glimpse ...
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Iranian New Year offers glimpse at pre-Islamic customs
Washington Post
TEHRAN, Iran — The Iranian New Year — or Nowruz, meaning "New Day" — was marked Tuesday in a rare glimpse at customs stretching back to the country's pre-Islamic past. The traditions draw from Zoroastrian faith, which dominated Persia before the ...
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Secular Tunisians march against calls for Islamic state
The Daily Star
By Tarek Amara TUNIS: Thousands of secular Tunisians marched in the capital Tuesday, the country's Independence Day, to show their rejection of growing calls by conservative Salafist Islamists to transform post-revolutionary Tunisia into an Islamic ...
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The Daily Star
Wax museum spurs sticky situation in Iraq
The Associated Press
The wax sculptures are due to be displayed at a museum in Najaf, but even before the exhibit opens, some Sunni Muslims — rarely shy about highlighting their religious differences with Shiites — are denouncing them as a violation of Islamic law.
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Muslim group seeks to educate Houstonians on Islamic law
Houston Chronicle
Sharia, the legal, moral and religious underpinning of Islam, is "a threat to America," said the Eagle Forum's former president, Pat Carlson, who is running for state representative in Fort Worth. With the help of a neoconservative Washington, DC, ...
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Tunisian protesters reject calls for Islamic state
Some Islamist MPs want Tunisia's new constitution, which is being hashed out by a constituent assembly elected in October, to name sharia, or Islamic law, as the principal source of legislation in the new document. Secularists oppose such demands and ...
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Islamic School: Loyalty to Religion, Country
Arizona Public Media
It's Sunday morning and 200 hundred kids from more than 20 countries are hurrying into the Islamic Center of Tucson, racing to get inside before class starts. The staff for the Weekend School, which is housed within the Islamic Center, is expecting an ...
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Despite setbacks, Discover Islam Week prevails
The Gamecock
By Amanda Coyne, While they have already encountered a few bumps in the road, the Muslim Student Association is looking forward to the rest of Discover Islam Week, which held events on Monday and Tuesday nights and will ...
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Bahrain mosque damage shows plight to ease unrest
The Associated Press
"I am horrified," said Bahrain-based historian Jassim al-Abass following the March 13 attack on the site, which has connections to the earliest periods of Islam in the 7th century. "Instead of protecting mosques, officials are letting this happen.
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The Associated Press
Tunisians Call for Civil State on National Day
ABC News
Since the fall of the hardline secular regime of Ben Ali, political Islam has flourished in the country. A moderate Islamist party now controls the government in cooperation with two secular parties. More disturbing for secularists, however, ...
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ABC News

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Cardinal Tauran laments 'right-wing' ignorance of Islam : News ...
Speaking with Al Jazeera, the president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue lamented mutual ignorance between Christians and Muslims. "We succeeded in avoiding the clash of civilizations; let us avoid a clash of ignorance," ... - Catholic...
Showdown Author David Corn Blasts Fox News' Bret Baier Fact ...
By Tommy Christopher Amerigo Chattin. So to substantiate that Fox News called Obama a Muslim "24/7," he finds ONE GUEST who ONCE calls Obama a Muslim, but is not rebutted by Hannity. That is Corn's case. How many "guests" ...
Muslim, Sikh Groups Attack Britain's Plans for Marriage Equality ...
By Andy Towle
The plan to bring marriage equality to Britain has come under attack from Muslim and Sikh leaders there, the Telegraph reports: Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the MCB, said: "Whilst we remain opposed to all forms of discrimination, ...
Towleroad News #gay
Obama Falsely Accuses Fox News Of Calling Him A Muslim ...
By Conservative Byte
According to lefty journalist David Corn's new book Showdown, President Obama takes the Media Matters route and blames his woes on Fox News. In "Showdown: The Inside Story of How Obama Fought Back Against Boehner, Cantor, and ...
Conservative Byte
Muslim Persecution of Christians: February 2012 | FrontPage ...
By Raymond Ibrahim
Meanwhile, the "big news" concerning the Muslim world in the month of February—the news that flooded the mainstream media and had U.S. politicians, beginning with President Obama, flustered, angry, and full of regret—was that copies of ...
FrontPage Magazine » FrontPage

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Fox News host tries to walk back persistent Obama-Muslim talk | The ...
The conservative Fox News Channel has seized upon the bogus claims that Obama might be a Muslim since the 2008 Democratic primaries, when Hillary ...

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