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Rick Santorum: Conservatives should 'line up behind us'
Santorum — who campaigned in President Ronald Reagan's hometown of Dixon, Ill., earlier this week — called on conservatives to "saddle up like Reagan did in the cowboy movies" and lead him to victory. Continue Reading Text Size - + reset In departing ...
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If conservatives ran Washington
Washington Times
Mr. Ryan's proposal spends $19 billion less in discretionary funds than the top limit for 2013 under the Budget Control Act - an important nod to House conservatives who otherwise might have opposed the budget. Senate Democrats oppose spending less ...
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Washington Times
Romney up among staunch conservatives ahead of Illinois primary
Washington Post (blog)
By Jon Cohen Nationally, Mitt Romney has regained some essential momentum among the most conservative Republicans and independents who had soured on him in late February, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
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Fiscal conservatives seek more state budget cuts
Austin American-Statesman
By Chuck Lindell An improving economy may be lifting some pressure from a strained state budget, but an influential coalition of fiscal conservatives gathered Tuesday at the Capitol to press for additional cuts to government spending.
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Conservative party's robocall scandal has Canadians less than impressed
The Guardian
Whoever he is, "Poutine" has caused a whole lot of trouble for the ruling Conservative party in Canada, which has become engulfed in what's become known as the "robocall scandal" less than a year after winning its first overall majority.
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The Guardian
Conservatives Should Be Wary of Paul Ryan's Budget Plan
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
This is a day when conservatives like me feel we have no dog in the fight. Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal, announced Tuesday, is trumpeted by the mainstream right as a "genuine cause for hope." Great. More hope. That's all we need.
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Conservative candidate denies his campaign was involved in robocalls
By Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher, Postmedia News March 20, 2012 The Conservative candidate in Guelph, Ont., doesn't believe his campaign had anything to do with the ``Pierre Poutine'' robocalls that directed opposition supporters in the riding to go ...
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U.K. Conservatives Come Up Short in Austerity Experiment
In opposition, the Conservatives called this reckless. When they came to power in 2010, they announced a sharp break. To help restore financial confidence, the government would tighten fiscal policy at once. The idea was that austerity, done correctly, ...
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Conservative groups push anti-gay amendment at Iowa statehouse
Sioux City Journal
DES MOINES - Hundreds of social conservatives advocating for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage crowded the Capitol rotunda Tuesday where they prayed, sang and rallied before lobbying lawmakers. The effort is likely the last big push ...
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New York Conservatives Endorse Wendy Long | RedState
By Ashbrook (Diary)
Yesterday, 91% of the New York State Conservative State Committee voted to endorse Wendy Long to challenge Democrat Senator Kirstin Gillibrand. A motion to make.
Ashbrook's blog
Racially-Tinged Tom Hanks Video Targeted By Conservatives ...
By Paul Bond
In the latest example of the right's war against Hollywood activists, the actor's appearance in a pro-Obama documentary is challenged.
GOP Conservatives Gripe About New Ryan Budget | TPMDC
By Sahil Kapur
House Republicans aren't all sold on Rep. Paul Ryan's new budget. Seven conservative House Republicans hosted a panel late Tuesday afternoon at the Heritage Foundation, none of whom committed to voting for the blueprint unveiled ...
TPM Election Central
Commons Speaker Outrages Conservatives with Pro-Equality Intro ...
By Andy Towle
John Bercow the Commons Speaker who also happens to be president of the LGBT rights group Kaleidoscope Trust, caused outrage among conservatives and got what appeared to be a puzzled scowl from Prime Minister David Cameron, ...
Towleroad News #gay
VOTE: What's the dumbest thing conservatives have trumpeted in ...
By Megan Carpentier
Political pundits often refer to election years as "the silly season," to denote when politicians are working so hard to get the public's divided attention that they'll say almost anything to rate a media mention, even if it sounds jarringly idiotic to the ...
The Raw Story

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