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Liberals Are Wrong: Free Market Health Care Is Possible
The Atlantic
One of the big divides between liberals and conservatives, of course, is on the value and utility of the free market. Most Americans appreciate that market-based economies, broadly speaking, outperform state-based ones. But most, if not all, ...
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Why Liberal, NDP candidates want riding that Jack built
Globe and Mail
One of the most left-leaning ridings in Canada goes to the polls Monday in a by-election that is expected to come down to a battle of Liberal versus New Democrat. The race in Toronto-Danforth was made necessary by the death last August of Jack Layton ...
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Globe and Mail
Health Care Reform Supreme Court Cases May Not Hinge On Liberal-Conservative Split
Huffington Post
Most conservative lawyers who came of age during the second half of the 20th century were therefore more concerned with correcting the "excesses" of the court's liberalism than with using the judiciary to curb Congress's regulatory reach, ...
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Liberals & Conservatives
South Dakota Politics (blog)
Political liberals [in the US] tend to rely primarily on the moral foundation of care/harm, followed by fairness/cheating and liberty/oppression. Social conservatives, in contrast, use all six foundations. They are less concerned than liberals about ...
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Conflicting Moralities
Wall Street Journal
By GARY ROSEN The work of Jonathan Haidt often infuriates his fellow liberals. A professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, he has focused in recent years on trying to understand the range and variety of our moral intuitions, especially as ...
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Why Liberals Are Always Wrong
Naples Daily News (blog)
By Barry Willoughby By NedLand Recently, one conservative voice on this blog asked, "Why is it that everything a liberal touches turns out so wrong?" I think that everything liberals touch invariably turns out wrong because of their lack of solid ...
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Layton's legacy looms in Toronto byelection
Running for the Liberals is Grant Gordon, an advertising executive who won the bid to be candidate in February. Craig Scott (NDP), Grant Gordon (Liberal), Andrew Keyes (Conservative) and Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu (Green Party) are vying for the ...
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Liberals Have Double Standards
Jamestown Post Journal
How much gall do liberals need to feign shock at Rush Limbaugh using terms used even in polite society, for hundreds of years to designate, people with certain behavior? Liberals do not want to silence Limbaugh because they believe we should treat all ...
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Newman unveils '100-day plan of action'
The Australian
He said he spoke with Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu about "a number of issues" the government experienced when the Liberals won office. "What was in the budget documents and the other financial reports issued by those Labor state governments was not in ...
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It's Time Liberals and Leftists Started Questioning the Official Lies by ...
By dandelionsalad
In early 2010, more than a year before her death, Lynn Margulis, Distinguished University Professor of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, recipient of the William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement, and a National ...
Dandelion Salad
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Sunday Question for Liberals. Ah, I think I'll do a names question today -- those are always popular. Should Barack Obama be re-elected, it seems likely that he'll have openings at (at least) two key cabinet posts: Treasury and State. Who do ...
A plain blog about politics

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