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Progressives Accuse AARP of Double-Dealing
"Once again, AARP is working behind the scenes to build support for benefit cuts while masquerading about as an ardent defender of the safety net to its massive, dues-paying membership," reads a petition from the progressive blog
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Michael Moore Headlines Left Forum, Rallies Progressives at Occupy Wall Street ...
That's according to progressive filmmaker and Occupy Wall Street activist Michael Moore, who spoke at Left Forum on Saturday night, the annual gathering of the country's leading progressive activists in New York City. Moore celebrated the success of ...
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'Give Credit to the Activists': 'The Nation' Lists the 20th Century's 50 Most ...
The Nation has just compiled a list of the "Fifty Most Influential Progressives of the Twentieth Century." A hundred years ago, any soapbox orator who called for women's suffrage, laws protecting the environment, an end to lynching, workers' right to ...
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Supreme Court to weigh key constitutional issues with healthcare law
Los Angeles Times
The court "is at a crossroads," said Doug Kendall, president of the progressive Constitutional Accountability Center. If the court "strikes down the law, we're back to the New Deal era with a progressive president at war with a conservative court.
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Los Angeles Times
Israel should be applauded for being a safe place for LGBTs in the Middle East
LGBTQ Nation
Those progressives might have a point, but that point is misleading and downright anti-equality. Full disclosure: I'm Jewish, but also have been a member of "Peace Now," an organization that has often been at odds with the Israeli government.
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LGBTQ Nation
Yes, Virginia, There Can Be a Free Market for Health Care
But most, if not all, progressives make the argument that health care is different: that markets may work for computers and soda pop, but they don't work in health care. The most famous exposition of this theory that markets can't work in health care ...
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Supervisor Avalos Declares Re-Election Bid
Fog City Journal
Coming off a second-place finish in last year's mayor's race, Avalos, a progressive, said his biggest accomplishments so far includes balancing a $500 million budget deficit when he served as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, restoring funding ...
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Fog City Journal
Malcolm is not so in the middle
ABC Online
An election where The Greens offered little in the way of an alternative outlook on economics, ignoring warnings from members and progressive economists that they had given too much ground to neoliberal ideology. That said, the 2010 election can also ...
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ABC Online
What's New: Former Senator Russ Feingold's 'While America Sleeps'
Wisconsin State Journal
He represented Wisconsin in the Senate for 18 years and became a champion of progressives and liberals. In his book, he explains where he thinks America went wrong after 9/11. Feingold explores how the government and citizens alike can reverse those ...
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Progressives gone | Kiwiblog
By David Farrar
Page 1009 of the 15 March NZ Gazette reveals that the Progressive Party has officially disbanded, in that it has had its registration as a registered political.
Progressives Accuse AARP of Double-Dealing - Truthdig
Following reports that AARP—the influential senior citizens lobby—will convene a closed-door meeting with higher-ups who advocate slashing essential welfare programs, progressive groups are launching campaigns to pressure the ...
Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

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Daily Kos: Progressives Guide to Social Media 7: Google+
While there is more functionality, the primary use of G+ for progressive activists is to send and receive important content. To achieve this goal, a large responsive ...

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