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Liberals challenge Islamist grip on Syrian National Council
LIBERALS SCEPTICAL Divisions within the opposition have also undermined the revolt. Despite the formation of the committee to restructure the SNC, liberals were skeptical about the Muslim Brotherhood's willingness to loosen its grip.
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Egypt's liberals walk out, leaving Islamists to write a constitution
Christian Science Monitor
The Muslim Brotherhood's efforts to shape Egypt's political future plunged it into confrontation on Monday with both the ruling military and liberals angry at perceived Islamist attempts to dominate the country. A process that was supposed to be one of ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Ontario Liberals haven't yet passed the real Drummond test
Globe and Mail
To listen to the opposition Progressive Conservatives, the fact that the governing Liberals kiboshed some of Mr. Drummond's most controversial proposals – such as scrapping full-day kindergarten and increasing class sizes – shows the contrary.
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Globe and Mail
If Health Law Is Overturned, What Will Liberals Do?
New York Times (blog)
By MICHAEL D. SHEAR If the Supreme Court strikes down all or part of President Obama's health care law, it will have unraveled a legislative compromise that many liberals had viewed with suspicion from the beginning. In one of the ironies of recent ...
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Tough Liberal budget is what Ontario needs: OUR OPINION
The Barrie Examiner
Premier Dalton McGuinty and Duncan haven't followed all of Drummond's advice but the Liberals did listen. Drummond said spending should be capped at 0.8% and health-care increases to 2.5% during the next five years (although this is beyond McGuinty's ...
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Note to Liberals: Please Stop Side-Stepping the Issue of Race
News One
It seems that whenever there is an injustice served to a black man, liberal organizations always seem to want to hijack the matter and turn it into their own. If you ask the good folks at MSNBC, Trayvon's death was more of a civil liberties issue than ...
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News One
Spectre of snap poll hangs over Ontario as McGuinty fails to rule out budget vote
National Post
Mr. McGuinty said Wednesday that his minority Liberal government will listen to budget ideas from the NDP and Tories in a bid to stave off a snap election, but claimed he would be prepared to take Ontarians to the polls again if talks breakdown.
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National Post
Liberals campaign for budget support but Tories, NDP not impressed
Guelph Mercury
The minority Liberals could face an election if they can't get either the NDP or the Opposition Conservatives to support their fiscal plan to eliminate a $15-billion deficit in five years. The Progressive Conservatives have already vowed to oppose the ...
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Ontario calls on civil servants to share pain
Montreal Gazette
The gambit by Ontario's minority Liberals was immediately rejected by the opposition Conservatives, who said the budget made no attempt to make real spending cuts, and that they would vote against it en masse at the earliest opportunity.
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More trouble brewing for Clark's Liberals
The tumultuous week in Christy Clark's premiership continued Wednesday after Finance Minister Kevin Falcon announced he may sit out the 2013 election, and a prominent former Liberal supporter revealed plans to run against the party.
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Liberals, conservatives, values and how we perceive each other ...
By Bill S (Diary)
Another day, another book I need to buy and hopefully read some day. In the March 21st NYT, Nicholas Kristof reviews a new book: The Righteous Mind. In.
bs's blog
With ObamaCare in Danger, Liberals Decide the Court's Power ...
By Jonathan S. Tobin
For most of the last century, liberals have preached that the Constitution is a living document that needs to be interpreted and re-interpreted to fit the needs of the times. In the name of this legal faith they have championed a vast expansion of ...
Commentary Magazine
Liberals Already Looking For Excuses If Mandate Goes Down | Right ...
By William Teach
After a horrendous day for Obamacare's chief council in front of the Supreme Court, one in which the far left justices had to remind him of his talking points, liberal supporters of this unconstitutional extension of the Central Government's power ...
Right Wing News
Examiner editorial: Liberals' budget would raise taxes to an all-time ...
By Examiner Editorial
If you want to know why House Democrats lost 63 seats in the 2010 elections -- the largest political defeat since 1938 -- look no further than the budget put forward this week by the 83-member Congressional Progressive Caucus. Perhaps ...
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Liberals Angry at Verrilli for Choking in His Defense of the ...
By savejersey (Diary)
By Matt Rooney | Cross-posted at Solicitor General Donald Verrilli had a bad day yesterday, Save Jerseyans. I almost felt for him despite.

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Outside Supreme Court, conservatives sound like liberals - The ...
Conservatives talk like liberals during protests outside the Supreme Court on Day 2 of Obamacare arguments.
5 Uncomfortable Truths About Liberals - John Hawkins - Townhall ...
When one becomes a liberal, he or she pretends to advocate tolerance, equality and peace, but hilariously, they're doing so for purely selfish reasons. It's the ...

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