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A political tip sheet for the rest of us
The outcome of the case will affect nearly every American. The ruling, expected in June, also could play a role in the presidential campaign. PRESIDENT 41: Former President George HW Bush is making it official Thursday and offering Romney his formal ...
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U.S. politics upstage global nuclear talk
Bend Bulletin
By Mark Landler / New York Times News Service SEOUL, South Korea — Politics, diplomats like to say, stops at the water's edge. But this week, the US presidential campaign crashed into a nuclear security summit meeting half a world away.
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Parties Brace for Fallout in Court's Ruling on Health Care
New York Times
The political side of the president may need to draw upon his judicial patience as he awaits a ruling that will help shape the final stages of the presidential race. For all of the fretting by liberals and the tea-leaf reading by legal analysts about ...
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The Future of American Politics
Huffington Post (blog)
The 2012 campaign for the Republican nomination for president has provided a clear indication of the shape of post-Citizens United politics in America. Mitt Romney emerged as an early frontrunner. A series of candidates then sequentially emerged as the ...
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Biden says Romney 'consistently wrong' on jobs
Biden said manufacturing was recovering under Obama, with 430000 jobs added since January 2010, and that Romney had spent his career in business and politics undermining American workers with policies that favor the wealthy.
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Chevron, Merck Disclose Political Funding
(MRK) (MRK), a drug maker; and the American Petroleum Institute are among the entities that have disclosed through corporate filings or Internal Revenue Service reports their donations to politically active groups that are growing in influence.
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Boehner slams Obama's hot mic comment upon president's return to US
Fox News
He said he did not have a hidden agenda with Russia and only meant that election-year politics make any nuclear arms reduction or missile defense negotiations extremely difficult. In his letter, Boehner argued that Russia has backed Iran, ...
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Arizona Official Considers Targeting Mexican American Studies in University
Fox News
Estrada said he has been worried that Huppenthal and other politicians hostile to Tucson's public school Mexican American Studies Department will go after the university programs as well. As a State Senator, Huppenthal helped pass Arizona's HB 2281, ...
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With President Obama Back in the US, Boehner Says He's 'Alarmed' By Hot Mic ...
ABC News (blog)
But now it's Wednesday and the president is back in the US, and Boehner clearly feels no such restraints, having sent a letter to the president saying he was "alarmed to learn of the message you sent to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin while ...
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EPA Power Plant Rule Drives a Stake Through the Heart of Big Coal (blog)
For all intents and purposes, coal is dead as a new power source for 21 st -century America. Politically, the new rule is a big deal, if only because it gives the president a climate-related accomplishment to tout during the campaign, ...
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WPR Article | Abu Muqawama: Like U.S. ... - World Politics Review
By (Andrew Exum)
As Israel contemplates military action against Iran, U.S. and Arab policymakers are trying to determine the effects that such a strike would have on the region. In part, that means examining the question of how Hezbollah might react to an Israeli ...
World Politics Review: Articles
WASHINGTON: APNewsBreak: New security for US troops ...
U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan have assigned "guardian angels" - troops that watch over their comrades even as they sleep - and have ordered a series of other increased security measures to protect troops against possible attacks by rogue Afghans. ... A political tip sheet for the rest of us. 3 hours ago ... -- Home Page
APNewsBreak: New security for US troops
APNewsBreak: New security for US troops - U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan have assigned "guardian angels" _.
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