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Daily: Progressives could nominate writer for president
NOVI SAD -- Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is willing to support writer Matija Bećković as its candidate in the presidential election, Novi Sad-based daily Dnevnik writes. The SNS believes his candidacy would not only attract the "certain" votes from ...
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When Will The Christian Right Return To The Teachings Of Their Gospel?
Huffington Post
Thanks to the actions of people of conscience, including Christians who embraced the Social Gospel, a wide range of progressive measures were enacted that addressed the system's most serious flaws. In the process, they helped create a globally admired ...
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2012 elections: Maybe democracy doesn't work as well as we think
By itobin53 Presidential politics in 2012 has drawn a thick line between conservatives and progressives when it comes to the role the government should play in evening out the playing field in a capitalist society. Conservatives claim that the rich ...
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Open Your Hearts And Your Minds
Naples Daily News (blog)
The media could care less about vetting a progressive. The days of blindly trusting the media are over. Make no mistake about it. Black liberation theology is on the same disgusting level as white supremacy. While they both use their God to hide the ...
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Perriellian Wars
For national "progressives" he was a star, which was usually explained to me in terms of how awful his district was relative to how limitedly awful he was. But peace activists had a problem with Perriello. We'd always rallied and lobbied against war ...
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Live-blogging the NDP Vancouver Debate (blog)
Mr. Cullen says Mr. Harper fears that the progressive majority will get its act together and defeat him. Interesting argument. I actually think Mr. Harper would prefer a two-party system. (PS Of course, that's not exactly what Mr. Cullen is proposing.) ...
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Gloria Allred unleashes a personal attack on Rush Limbaugh
Washington Times
But, like the rest of the so-called progressive movement, only the free speech that disagrees with them. Ed Schultz, Bill Mahr, Randi Rhodes, Keith Olbermann, Mike Malloy, Al Sharpton, Louis CK, Matt Taibbai, Jesse Jackson, Progressive talk radio, ...
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Washington Times
An escalating war over taxes
Los Angeles Times
But neither the Democratic governor nor practically anyone else foresaw the war being launched from the left by forces that normally would line up with him as allies — by so-called progressives and fellow crusaders for education.
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The Progressives Anti-Scientific Approach to Economics | RedState
By lukematthews (Diary)
We are lectured ad nauseum about how conservatives are anti-science, moralizing crusaders who are unable to use pragmatism to solve social problems. Then,

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Labor and Progressives - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Internal to progressivism there is a tension between its historical pro-union and direct governmentalist roots and its avowed concern for the worst off. In practice ...

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