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Martin Rowson on Liberal Democrat spring conference – cartoon
The Guardian
Well it'll lead to the extinction of the Liberal Democratic Party which is no more than it deserves. That'll be the liar Clegg's legacy but of course he'll get a nice little earner in Europe, or he'll join the Tories where he belongs.
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Liberals beating Demselves up
The Sun
Leader Nick Clegg publicly slapped down a senior Liberal Democrat lord who criticised his plans for a crackdown on millionaire TAX DODGERS. And delegates at the party's spring conference defied Mr Clegg by refusing to urge peers to vote for the ...
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The Sun
Column: Liberals denounce Sharia law
Daily O'Collegian
By Carl Densem Liberals and activists have been quick to denounce efforts to ban consideration of Shar'ia law in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Florida and other state courts. They call such amendments "unconstitutional" and a restriction of religious freedom ...
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A more liberal Britain with every passing year - Nick Clegg's speech to Lib ...
Glasgow Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg used his speech to the Party's Spring conference in NewcastleGateshead to call for the forthcoming budget to be a "budget for fairness" and pledged that it would help working familes. The Deputy Prime Minister pledged ...
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Obama's philosophy fits in with mainstream liberals
Chicago Sun-Times
My reading of Barack Obama's political biography is pretty simple: He's not so much a liberal radical as a member of the liberal mainstream of whatever community he inhabits. In that video, now being shown on Fox News, he was doing no more and no less ...
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Confirm Easter Monday retail trade: Liberals
ABC Online
The South Australian Government is being urged to make a declaration now to allow retail trading in the Adelaide city centre on Easter Monday next month. There has been retail trading in Rundle Mall today for the Adelaide Cup public holiday.
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MPP says Liberals wage freeze talk is 'doublespeak'
Standard Freeholder
By TONY MUMA, CORNWALL – Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell said Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty asking MPPs to "lead by example" and accept a wage freeze is "doublespeak." The freeze would actually be an ...
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Cry, the Beloved Constitution
New York Times
BOTH liberals and conservatives have the American Constitution in the cross hairs. They assault the Constitution in their different ways, each with damaging effects on our nation. Conservatives attack the courts on one hand and seek to have them ...
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Liberals unsatisfied with districting (
A Texas political analyst and former Republican leader is frustrated that liberal Democrats aren't satisfied with the redistricting boundaries issued by a Texas ...

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