Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Ilya Sheyman Primary Campaign Is First Test For Progressives In 2012
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- As the national media eyes the Illinois primary race between Republicans Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, progressive activists have their eyes set to a Democratic primary in the newly redrawn 10th District, which covers suburbs stretching ...
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Progressives scratch heads over Pacifica radio hire of Jackson Lewis
Radio Survivor
The KPFA Worker website says that the Pacifica Foundation has retained the law firm of Jackson Lewis to manage some of its legal affairs. The foundation owns listener supported station KPFA in Berkeley, and four similar non-commercial stations in Los ...
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Why Ondo must be reclaimed by genuine progressives, by Agunloye
The Nation Newspaper
Former Minister of Power and Steel Dr. Olu Agunloye yesterday spoke on the push for power shift in Ondo State by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), stressing that the Sunshine State must be reclaimed by genuine progressives in the next governorship ...
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Ambrose: The progressive campaign for voter fraud
By JAY AMBROSE, Scripps Howard News Service It's time to get to the root of all the consternation about states requiring photo IDs to vote: The progressives, it seems to me, want to cheat. They hope to have illegal aliens and other ineligible sorts ...
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Making Corruption a Progressive Priority
Policyshop (blog)
Progressives are endlessly disappointed by opinion polls that show that a large majority of Americans don't trust government. Indeed, public trust in government is now at a historic low. One explanation of that distrust is that conservatives have been ...
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Today's Sheyman-Schneider showdown in Illinois
Jewish Telegraphic Agency (blog)
While Schneider has called himself the "true progressive," self-identified progressive groups -- which represent the left wing of the Democratic Party -- have rallied around Sheyman. A Huffington Post headline called Sheyman's primary campaign the ...
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Progressives Can Abuse Their Wives: A "Guardian" Editorial
SF Weekly
Criticisms like this are exactly what we have come to expect from the enemies of progressive politics in San Francisco. Last week, prosecutors dropped misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, child endangerment and dissuading a witness when Mirkarimi ...
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How the Right-Wing Brain Works and What That Means for Progressives
If you're a liberal or a progressive these days, you could be forgiven for being baffled and frustrated by conservatives. Their views and actions seem completely alien to us—or worse. From cheering at executions, to wanting to "throw up" over ...
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You Call It "Weasel"; "Progressives" Call It "Mink" | Shot in the Dark
By Mitch Berg
The Democrats have been waging a war for the English language. Part of that war is harping on how the Republicans are…well, waging a war for the English language. Rhetoric – using language to try to control how people think about issues ...
Shot in the Dark
American Power: Progressives Hate Free Speech
By Donald Douglas
Over the past few weeks, anti-Israel activists have trumpeted their right to engage in offensive, even hateful anti-Israel speech during the so-called "Israel Apartheid Week" or "Hate Week." Insisting on their own freedom to indulge in anti- Israel ...
American Power

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Glenn: Progressives have realized their dreams – Glenn Beck
Around Thanksgiving of last year, Glenn gave a warning to his family and to GBTV viewers. "The world is changing" he told them. Today, just a few months later, ...
Progressives Guide to Social Media 8: Other Sites - Digg
Up to this point we have covered an introduction to progressive internet activism and the large social media sites. There are also dozens of other sites that can ...

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