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Mark Caserta: Progressives emphasize change over morality
Huntington Herald Dispatch
For the past 50 years our society has been undergoing a transformation perpetrated by free-spirited liberals describing themselves as "progressives" and who somehow feel this moniker "more expressly" depicts their intellectual capability to adapt to ...
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Progressive's Flo: No To Snooki!
MediaPost Communications
by Karl Greenberg, Today, 5:22 AM Progressive Insurance is using Flo, the proprietress of the fictive insurance store, to go social about "The Best Day Ever." The campaign involves a series of posts on the character's Facebook and Twitter accounts that ...
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MediaPost Communications
Principled Progressive: Legislative Legitimacy Loopholes
The Daily Gazette
I have a hard time believing that socially conservative fundamentalists will say, "OK, you secular progressives win, the people have expressed their sovereign will, and we can't ignore the will of the people any longer." Their history of moving from ...
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CNN's Loesch To Caller: "Some Progressives Like The New Black Panthers ...
Media Matters for America
We also need to promote and vote for progressives in primaries over old blue dogs and do-little seat warmers. by Imbecile (March 28, 2012 10:07 pm ET) True. We all become a little too complacent and revert to what we're used to when we vote for people.
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'Meathead' goes off-script
Minuteman News Center
By Vincent Giandurco Progressive activists often couch their more ambitious policy prescriptions in focus-group-tested sound bites crafted to sound as reasonable and unthreatening as possible. This is an effective way to sway moderate voters who may ...
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APGA's founding chairman dumps party, floats UPGA
Nigerian Tribune
The founding national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Chekwas Okorie, has finally dumped the party and formed the United Peoples Grand Alliance (UPGA.) He had voluntarily halted the leadership dispute in APGA and ...
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Burlington councilors, mayor bid farewell before new team takes charge
The council newcomers include two Progressives, Rachel Seigel and Max Tracy, and two Democrats, Chip Mason and Bryan Aubin. The shift represents a one-seat gain for Progressives and a one seat loss for Republicans, with Democrats maintaining seven ...
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LGBTs weigh in on Mirkarimi
Bay Area Reporter
by Seth Hemmelgarn The domestic violence case against Ross Mirkarimi, who was suspended as sheriff last week by Mayor Ed Lee, has caused concern among LGBTs and progressives in San Francisco. Mirkarimi, who represented District 5 on the Board of ...
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Jeff Hamilton: The priority tally
News & Observer
Regarding George Will's March 22 column "Land of everlasting change": It's interesting that he thinks stodgy old conservatives have become spontaneous and dynamic agents of social change, and progressives are just worry-wart control freaks.
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Bill Whittle Discusses the Frankfurt School & The Progressives ...
By Fuzzy Slippers
Anyway, so this video (in two parts) is pretty much standard Whittle wonderfulness; he discusses the way that progressives (who are actually communists, but that's my stance, not Whittle's) use the "sword" of critical theory and the "shield" of ...
Fuzzy Logic

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Transportation: Progressives' Fast Lane vs. Conservatives' Dirt Road ...
The House of Representatives this afternoon scheduled a vote on a three-month, stopgap transportation funding bill, as conservatives struggle to decide what ...
Progressives and Democratic Primaries | Winning Progressive
Progressives should vote for and support the most progressive viable candidate that is running in any election cycle, rather than letting the perfect be the enemy ...
Why Conservatives and Progressives Are Both Right and Wrong
Why Conservatives and Progressives Are Both Right and Wrong ... No Responses to "Why ...

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