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National commentary: Netanyahu injects himself into U.S. politics
Herald Times Reporter
"It's about reassuring people who want to avoid war that the United States will do what's necessary." No, I think it really is about election-year politics. Republicans have been trying desperately to find a foreign policy issue on which to attack ...
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Rhetoric takes centre stage in US politics
There is no clear winner after Super Tuesday in the race to be the Republican candidate in the US presidential election. This means the fierce competition will continue, to the detriment of the Republican party, intelligent political debate in the US ...
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Scrutiny of Political Nonprofits Sets Off Claim of Harassment
New York Times
At issue are groups large and small formed as 501(c)(4)s under the tax code, a designation created for social welfare groups but which include such overtly political organizations as American Crossroads — co-founded by Karl Rove, the former political ...
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New York Times
Tavish Scott: Beware certainty and clarity in US politics
American victory speeches finish with, "and in thanking the good people of Ohio let us ask that God bless America". Why does every American politician have to wear their faith on their sleeve? My new contact on American politics explained that most ...
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Romney Team Ponders How to Rise Above the Fray
New York Times
Trying to gain the upper hand and assert himself as the likely nominee, he is set to focus on his economic plan, spend more time with American workers and try to unite Republicans around defeating President Obama. A day after the Super Tuesday contests ...
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New York Times
There is no proper Left in American politics – even Obama is more Right-wing ... (blog)
By Walter Ellis US politics Last updated: March 7th, 2012 I want you to imagine a twelve-inch ruler, like the ones those of us of a certain age used to pack in our schoolbags. On the far left, just above the "1," picture Trotsky and his band of crazies ...
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Iran and US Election-Year Politics
New York Times
Myths and facts conflate all too easily in our opinion-driven politics. One of the most dangerous these days is that President Obama's Iran policy has been taken hostage by election year pandering to Israel and the pro-Israel community in America.
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US Senate Democrat proposes ban on Keystone fuel exports
"I am increasingly concerned about the export of American energy," Wyden told Reuters. "We have seen this dramatic shift in our energy policy and it's kind of like we're on autopilot to start exporting," he said in an interview.
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Politics may taint San Francisco sheriff's trial
By Ronnie Cohen SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Attorneys for Ross Mirkarimi contend politics as well as inflammatory publicity have made it impossible for San Francisco's embattled sheriff to get a fair trial on spousal-abuse charges in his hometown.
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The IMF — Down in the Weeds of US Politics - 24/7 Wall St.
By Paul Ausick
Following the financial collapse of 2008, the US insisted on some changes to the way representation was apportioned at the International Monetary Fund, and when Christine Lagarde took over following the resignation of Dominique ...
24/7 Wall St. - Market Wire
EA WorldView - Home - US Politics Audio: Scott Lucas on BBC "Who ...
By Scott Lucas
US Politics. Rick Santorum and Mitt RomneyI spoke with BBC WM this morning about the outcome of last night's Republican contests for the Presidential nomination, looking towards the future not only of that battle but also of November's ...
EA WorldView

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Polls open in crucial Super Tuesday vote - US POLITICS - FRANCE 24
With ten states heading to the polls, the results of Super Tuesday will be scrutinised to predict how much longer the Republican race for the presidential ...
In US politics, religion often is thrown into the mix - U.S. - Stripes
As 10 states prepare to hold Super Tuesday presidential primaries this week, long-divisive social issues involving matters of personal faith and beliefs have ...
In U.S. politics, religion still plays a part | Midwest Democracy
As the recent stumbles of Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum show, the mix of politics and religion is not always a marriage made in heaven. Indeed ...

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