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Labor Leaders Plan to Apply New Clout in Effort for Obama
New York Times
"Their ability to be totally unified and focused on their message will make them ultimately the most decisive single player in the political landscape this year," said Stephen J. Law, president of American Crossroads, a Republican super PAC whose ...
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New York Times
Tight GOP Primaries Suggest Less-Predictable South
New York Times
"Red Alabama," he said to the crowd on Thursday at the US Space and Rocket Center here in Huntsville. "Conservative Alabama. The heart of conservatism." Along with his rivals Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, Mr. Santorum is pressing hard here and in ...
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New York Times
SVC talks on 'Buddhism, Spirituality, US Politics'
Bennington Banner
Coming from a Buddhist perspective, how different would American policies be, both domestically and internationally? "Quite different," according to Southern Vermont College professor Thomas Redden, a political scientist and ordained Zen Buddhist ...
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Latin Americans seek US-style electioneering
San Jose Mercury News
Hundreds of Mexican politicians running for everything from town mayor to president this year are turning to American-style electioneering in hopes of winning their races, and with $1 billion estimated to be spent on Mexico's elections, US political ...
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The Problem With US Inequality
Huffington Post
The real danger to our prosperity lies in political inequality. The US generated so much innovation and economic growth for the last 200 years because, by and large, it rewarded innovation and investment. This did not happen in a vacuum; ...
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Condolences, questions over Afghan shootings
CNN International
By Tom Cohen, CNN Washington (CNN) -- Condolences, calls for justice and questions arose from across the political spectrum Sunday in response to reports that a US soldier shot to death 16 civilians in Afghanistan. President Barack Obama said he was ...
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Obama's Politicized Energy Policy
Wall Street Journal
His administration does have a national energy policy—it's just a subservient by-product of his radical environmental policy. This administration willfully ignores rational choices that would lower energy prices and reduce US reliance on foreign ...
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Web start-up aims to engage the politically independent
Washington Post
The laminated paper that bears the quote — and its message of quick-thinking and resilience — is a carryover from founders Nathan Daschle's and Ray Glendening's days in politics. As a fledgling company, the sentiment still applies. connects ...
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SANDERS: The hard questions of U.S. foreign policy
Washington Times
By Sol Sanders A perennial American foreign policy debate sets "realism" against "idealism," national interest versus morality. The dichotomy is often overstated. The two currents divide and merge incessantly in the flow of implementing any concrete ...
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Washington Times

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Top US Negotiator Reports: The "Israel Lobby" Isn't In Charge | Via ...
By Walter Russell Mead
One of the most experienced observers of Israel and Palestine, longtime American negotiator Aaron David Miller, has taken a hammer to the myth that a pernicious pro-Israel cabal controls US foreign policy and is pushing President Obama ...
Via Meadia

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Today's Political Cartoons | March 10, 2012 - U.S. News & World ...
Michael Ramire-Creators Syndicate. Drew Sheneman-Tribune Media Services. Drew Sheneman-Tribune Media Services. Scott Stantis-Tribune Media Services ...
(Us politics) Liberty Lost: H.R. 347 Threatens First Amendment ...
Last week the United States Congress passed dangerous legislation that would make free speech a felony and seriously restrict political protest. The legislation ...
US Politics | Twitchy
US Politics. New poll shows Romney and Santorum could beat Obama. Rasmussen poll puts Romney up 5 over Obama, Santorum up 1 ...

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