Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday's Daily Brief

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Syrian Minister Defects
Earth Bombarded By Strongest Solar Storm In Years
GOP Activists Worry About Attacks On Romney
Kony 2012 Video Goes Viral On Social Media
Toyota Recalls Nearly 700,000 Vehicles In U.S.
David Cameron: How We're Tackling Violence Against Women: An Iceberg Under the Surface of Society
Violence against women is an iceberg under the surface of society. Every day millions around the world live in fear.
Bianca Bosker: In Defense Of iPad: Apple's New Name Irritates, But Works
The simplicity of the iPad's name not only makes it easy to remember, but suggests that Apple's tablet is exceptional. Madonna doesn't need a last name. Nor does the iPad, it seems.
Lynn Forester de Rothschild: Women at the Very Top
As I join my colleagues to celebrate International Women's Day at this year's WIE Symposium in London, I laud the advancement of women over the past few decades, but know that we have much to do in order to achieve gender equality in our societies in the UK and the US.
Cherie Blair: Behind Every Successful Man is a Woman? Let's Reverse That Saying
As well as recognising the achievements of women, let's use International Women's Day to encourage more men across the world to join the fight for true equality. After all, the result if we succeed is not just a better world for women but a better world for everyone.
Evan Shapiro: The 8 Most Important Things to Happen to TV in the Past 5 Years
In just the past five years, we've seen the emergence of true streaming television, the arrival of the iPad and ascendancy of Snooki. TV is like the weather in Florida -- wait a minute and it will change.

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