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Partisan divisions, tea-party leave Rep. Mica's highway bill in tatters
Orlando Sentinel
A partisan Congress is divided between Democrats and Republicans, and then subdivided between old-guard Republicans such as Mica and hard-line tea-party freshmen unwilling to tolerate anything that smacks of deficit spending.
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Orlando Sentinel
Tea Party senators unveil five-year plan to balance the US budget
The Hill
By Alexander Bolton - 03/08/12 02:16 PM ET Members of the Senate Tea Party Caucus on Thursday announed a plan to balance the budget in five years, cutting spending by nearly $11 trillion compared to President Obama's budget.
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Tea Party defends counties in Medicaid billing dispute (blog)
Around Florida, Tea Party advocates are among the most vocal critics of local government spending and services. But this time, Tea partiers are siding with counties in their fight against the state. The stakes: nearly $78 million in increased Medicaid ...
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Tea Party recall website flooded by hits
The Oshkosh Northwestern
People wanting to search tea party groups' online database to check out who signed recall petitions have to get in line — or at least exercise extreme patience. The website, Verify the Recall, seems to be so flooded with hits that searching the ...
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Senate Tea Party caucus offers deep cuts
The US Senate Tea Party Caucus Thursday released a five-year plan to balance the budget by cutting spending by $11 billion above President Obama's budget. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) speaks at a press conference on increasing the debt ceiling and balancing ...
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Tea Party Knocks off Another GOP Incumbent
Big Hollywood
by Mike Flynn 9 hours ago post a comment For the past several months, the media and the left have continually heralded the "death" of the tea party movement. With a sparkle in their eye and a barely concealed hint of glee, they've reassured themselves ...
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Tea Party Sharpens Its Budget Scissors
By Jaime Fuller
Perhaps afraid of tarnishing their hard-earned obstructionist cred, congressional Republicans look like they're heating up for another big fight over the budget. Tea Party legislators are pushing a plan that would cap agency appropriations at ...
Marines Look Into Tea Party Soldier For Disobey Obama Facebook ...
By Associated Press
Marine Sgt. Gary Stein first started a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots to encourage service members to exercise their free speech rights.
News One
New Mexico Tea Party Activist Says He Was Attacked, Bitten « CBS ...
By petermilo1025
A New Mexico Tea Party protester says he was struck by campaign signs and bitten during a scuffle with supporters of a Rio Rancho city council candidate.
CBS Las Vegas
Achieving high voter turnout is Tea Party meeting topic | St ...
By News Admin
St. Johns County Tea Party member Patti Henderson reported to Historic City News that at the Tuesday, March 13th meeting, Faith Martin and Judy Mabry will be featured speakers; their topic will be methods and ideas to promote election ...
St Augustine St Johns County...

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IRS Accused of 'Intimidation Campaign' Against Tea Party Groups ...
( - A conservative civil liberties group accuses the Internal Revenue Service of attempting to "intimidate and silence" a number of tea party ...

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