Friday, April 20, 2012

Battlefield 3′s Ingenious Concept


engaging online play. It has been mentioned that the greatness of the multiplayer slate far outweighs the single player mode and co-op action; though some may say the general story line is nonexistent and quite ordinary if not rather boring. However there are some if not limited exciting moments which can be construed as vital for the trophy collecting gamer.
Features like huge maps, great visual, terrific team play, persistent unlocks are just some of the contributing factors that keep the game plan exciting for the multiplayer. From the graphics standpoint the effects shown are phenomenal as with the sounds which are stellar and best around. For the multiplayer, the critical elements that enhance the experience from just exciting to phenomenal comes in the form of having lens flares and shadows that are jaw droopingly good, accompanied by some of the most spectacular blinding flashlight attachments and laser scopes. For most, as only to be expected the sounds of bullets whizzing past of hitting the skin is tagged as a second to none experience, while the solid dialogue that accompanies the scenes are colorful to say the least, hence the M rating. The multiplayer mayhem is certainly the highlight intended projection for making the wise choice of battlefield 3.
Accompanying all this is the battle log system which allows for the fairly accurate managing one's character and launching multiplayer games. Having the capabilities of checking the stats and inviting others to the game platform while also checking the status of the unlocks and even viewing reports on each round of play is another plus for the battlefield 3 design which is impressive indeed.



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