Friday, April 20, 2012

Croping and Image


The Crop Tool allows you to delete unwanted portions of an image. Please note that the Crop Tool only lets you crop rectangular selections. 1) Choose crop tool. View the original image, and select the Crop Tool from the toolbox.


2) Select area to crop. Starting in any corner, click and drag the mouse over the portion of the image you want to keep. (The portions outside of the crop marks will become gray to help you see the exact area that will be cropped.)

The crop marks can be resized using the handlebars along the "marching ants" marquee.

The entire crop marquee can be moved around over the image by placing the cursor inside the crop marks. When the cursor changes to a black arrow, the entire marquee may be moved.

3) Crop. After the marquee is the proper size and in the correct position, press Enter to crop the image.

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