Friday, April 20, 2012

The First Guide I’ve Seen Like This…

There are a lot of guides out there these days – for everything you can imagine, from how to make a solar panel to playing a basic video game like Happy Aquarium. I bet you can guess which one I want to talk about today. I've been neck deep in Happy Aquarium since the day I first saw it on a friend's newsfeed back in September. It was as an eye catching game with an interesting conceit and it was a lot more fun that I would have expected from this kind of game.
Fast forward a few weeks and CrowdStar has made their game bigger, better and a whole lot more complex as you reach the upper levels. As a result, I was very much intrigued when I saw the Happy Aquarium Secrets guide on another site the other day. I had to see what the pros were saying about their game play style and see if I could make my own methods any more effective.
It turns out, I very much could.
There were a few things I was missing from the way I played the game. It started with the basics. Happy Aquarium is a game that relies on your ability to balance out the values of the fish you are raising with the time they spend in the tank and your own schedule so you can get back and swap them out for new ones (or mate them and create new fish). For those who are unable to create a good schedule, the game gets much harder and takes longer to master.
Happy Aquarium Secrets focuses on creating a good time line that will allow you to play the game as best as possible without wasting huge chunks of effort. For me, that was a massive boost. In short, if you're a casual player without much need for a guide, feel free to move on. If you're like me though and need to be the best as much as possible, you should check out Happy Aquarium Secrets, because it's easily one of the best around.

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