Friday, April 20, 2012

Rift Guide For Leveling And The Best Builds – Which One Really Is The Best?

For help leveling fast with Rift you may opt to get some tips from the forums and ask for advice on the quickest leveling path. Although as the game is massive and many people are trying to find out the best leveling route and the best builds to make sure you have a powerful character you may not get much luck.

Well there are quite a few Rift Leveling guides out there that all claim to get you to level 50 fast but which one is really the best?

To our knowledge there is about 4 or 5 guides out there that all claim to give you the fastest route through the game and the best builds for PVP, leveling and Rifts and Invasions although there is a new guide that is getting quite a lot of attention:

Rift Supremacy has been launched and it is the only guide that gives you a preview of the material on offer, they do not stop there however, you will also be able to see a tour of the level 50 accounts so you can see that the guy knows what he is talking about!

As well as that you get a preview of the actual video leveling guide for the Guardians as well and there are piles of information on the site if you want to level up fast.

With so many of these Rift guides cropping up and claiming to help you level up it is refreshing to see a guide that actually provides proof with not one but 2 level 50 accounts and free videos!

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