Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting to the Root of the New Aion Kinah Guide

So, there is a new Kinah guide on the market. It's been sitting there waiting for me to read it for the past three days now and I didn't really get to it until last night, when I realized that the rain was not going to let up any time soon. Let's just say this – boy am I ever glad that it kept raining, because otherwise I might not have stumbled upon what is clearly the best and brightest new Kinah guide on the market…by far.

So, what's the big deal about this Kinah guide as opposed to the rest of the guides that hit the market seemingly every month? To start with, this guide doesn't try to walk that fine line between telling you how the game works and actually providing useful information about the game. Rather, it focuses on how to get your characters into position to make some serious Kinah and then shows you how to do it.

What You Get

The guide focuses largely on crafting and then on some basic hunting and gathering to get the materials you need to sell or craft with. It then tells you exactly what you need to focus on when it comes to getting your character up to the necessary levels in the game. From the most basic, simplistic style of play that has you out there gathering fish and ore, to the high risk high gain world of rare proccing Legendary gear, the guide shows you pretty much everything you need to make Kinah effectively.

To be fair, it doesn't cover as many farming spots as I would like, but the guide has already been updated once and promises to continue updating as more locations open up later in the game, beyond those first few levels.

The Bottom Line

Here's the deal – the Aion Kinah Guide is easily the biggest and best looking new Kinah guide on the market. I made some solid profits on day one and am still reviewing the text in the guide to see what else I can pry out of it. With a couple of updates and a patch or two to the game, this thing will be near unbeatable.

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