Monday, April 30, 2012

Helpful Photoshop Tips Part II

9) If you have a particular layer style that you use often you can have that style saved to be displayed in your layers palette. In the Blending Options, find "Save Style" located just under OK and Cancel. Name your style, save it and now notice how it will be found in the Styles palette. One note however, the style must be in its own layer.

10) Sometimes when you combine multiple images, there will be a bit of fringe around the edges of the composite images. To hide this, follow steps Layers > Matting > Defringe. From the dialogue box, choose the default setting; it that doesn't work, undo it, and try Defringe again at a setting of 2.

11) If you have too many layers, simply select the right layer by using the move tool (V). Right click the mouse over the layer and a drop down list will appear.

On the other hand, you can allocate your layers into layer sets. On the bottom of your layers palette, click the 'create new layers set' (looks like a folder), name the new layer set, and just drag the layers you like in that set. Highlight the set right click and choose copy to copy your sets with ease.

12) Press Shift-Command-M (Mac)/ Shift-Control-M (PC) to toggle between Photoshop and ImageReady.

13) To reach the Save for Web dialogue swiftly, press Shift-Command-Option-S (Mac)/ Shift-Control-Alt-S (PC).

14) To duplicate your current layer, press Cmd/Ctrl J.

15) To bring up the Extract dialogue box, press Command-Option-X (Mac)/ Control-Alt-X (PC). Within the Extract dialogue box, switch to the Extract Edge Highlighter tool by pressing the letter "b.", the Fill tool by pressing the letter "k.", and change the Edge Highlighter's brush size by holding the ] key to make it larger and the [ to make it smaller.

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