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Christian conservatives mull Rick Santorum support
With the Republican establishment swinging hard behind Mitt Romney, the delegate math looking grim and his own funds running low, Santorum must now rely more than ever on the loyalty of his Christian conservative base to carry him through a set of ...
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Mexican conservatives revamp presidential bid
By Lizbeth Diaz and Mica Rosenberg | MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Conservative candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota will re-jig her campaign to become Mexico's first woman president in an effort to close a yawning gap with the opposition front-runner, ...
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UK Government Looks To Rebuild Voter Confidence
Wall Street Journal
The government--made up of the Conservative Party and junior coalition partners the Liberal Democrats--has four weeks to repair the damage before the May 3 local government elections, which will provide a comprehensive picture of the country's ...
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Study tracks how conservatives lost their faith in science
How do liberals and conservatives differ in their attitudes toward science? Statistics indicate that conservatives' confidence in science as an institution has declined dramatically since 1974. By Alan Boyle An analysis of 36 years' worth of polling ...
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US must seek conservative Muslims as allies in fight against Boko Haram terror
Christian Science Monitor
To combat the rising threat, the West must embrace conservative Muslims in the region as potential allies. By Michael Gubser / April 4, 2012 Imam Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Nigeria-based radical Islamist sect Boko Haram, appears in this file image ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Conservatives baffled at idea of white Hispanic people
By Alex Pareene Apparently conservative have decided that the liberal media, in their endless quest to smear conservatives as racist by forcing them to defend George Zimmerman, have now made the ludicrous claim that a Hispanic person can be white.
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Vote 2012: Cameron vows 'full-throttle' election fight
BBC News
The Conservatives are concerned about the "long-term good" of the country not "short-term popularity", David Cameron will say on Thursday. In a campaign speech ahead of local elections in May, the prime minister will say the government has "taken hits" ...
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BBC News
Conservatives scramble to save face over fighter-jet plan
Globe and Mail
The Harper government is scrambling to salvage its reputation for sound fiscal management after the Auditor-General tore into its multibillion-dollar plan for stealth fighter jets, a project that the Conservatives have championed since coming to power ...
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Globe and Mail
Conservatives ally for a reset of election expectations
Washington Times
(Associated Press) Some influential conservative thinkers have concluded that Mitt Romney's struggle to ignite voter enthusiasm reflects a more serious problem for Republicans in setting unrealistic expectations for their presidential nominee.
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Washington Times
It's time to give John Major the credit we so cruelly denied him
But the bias of the British electoral system hit the Conservatives hard. Had Labour enjoyed that 8 per cent lead in the popular vote, it would have secured a parliamentary majority of more than 100. Unlucky Major ended up with a majority of just 21, ...
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Conservatives Wince At 5th Circuit's Retaliatory Move On ...
By Brian Beutler and Sahil Kapur
Even conservative foes of 'Obamacare' admit that a federal appeals court has stepped out of bounds by publicly challenging the president's views of the judiciary.
TPM Election Central
health care, Obamacare, health care reform, Saving the American ...
By Nina Owcharenko
There are four core elements of this conservative alternative to health care reform.
The Foundry: Conservative Policy...
OpEdNews - Article: Conservatives love to hate Islam: evidence from ...
Evidence that conservative website Newsmax distorted the facts in an article critical of Muslims.
Conservatives Really Do Hate Science - Truthdig
Trust in science as a means of discovering and understanding reality has declined among self-identified conservatives since the mid-1970s, sociologists at the University of North Carolina found, and even more so in recent years if they held ...
Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines
Tribal ID: Why conservatives take it to the - Hullabaloo
By digby
Tribal ID by digby. I often wince a little when I hear people say that conservatives are somehow duped into voting against their self-interest. I honestly don't think that's so. Conservatives just have a different definition of what their self-interest is.

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