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Spring Election 2012: Dane County gets more progressive, Romney wins Wisconsin ...
Tuesday's spring election was one for all people this year, with a pivotal presidential primary drawing Republicans and, in Dane County at least, a decisive showing of progressive voters in local races as well. In Dane County about 100000 people--or 28 ...
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Newcomer Jenni Dye tops off progressive landslide on Dane County Board
Isthmus Daily Page
Dye's victory was one of the most surprising in a wave of victories for progressives on the county board. Although they already had a majority, they picked up enough seats to prevent the group of 10 conservatives from blocking borrowing measures.
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Isthmus Daily Page
Liberals Attack Paul Ryan Budget Nationwide (VIDEO)
But progressive candidates -- seeking to draw a clear distinction with their GOP opponents and generally be known as the group standing in the way of cuts to entitlement programs -- are perhaps the most excited Democrats of all. Progressives have said ...
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GOP primary doesn't hamper progressives' County Board gains
Capital Times (blog)
Meanwhile, downtown at the Italian Workmen's Club, a lively crowd of more than a 100 progressives ate pasta and drank beer to celebrate what Dane County Executive Joe Parisi referred to as "the complete dismantling of the conservative movement in Dane ...
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One-Sided Passion Over Health Care Case
Huffington Post
Progressives, on the other hand, do not feel a similar passion. Very few people on the left believe that a mandate requiring people to buy health insurance is the kind of thing that is truly worth fighting for. Many progressives, and conservatives, ...
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Coca-Cola Leaves Pro-Voter ID Organization After Democrats Threaten Boycott
On the left, ThinkProgress is giving progressives credit for "compelling" Coke to let the organization go, as well. Meanwhile, the Drudge Report is calling the boycott calls a "blacklist." And as far as they can accuse some of the left of threatening ...
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Yes, We Are Serious: On the Constitutionality of Obamacare
Wilson County News
Pelosi's contempt for that notion--apparently shared by many of her "progressive" colleagues--has come back to bite her and President Obama and the entirety of the progressive/liberal movement. Democrats who scoff at such questions do so at their own ...
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Deciphering Right-Wing Code: What Conservatives Are Really Saying When They ...
Progressive commentators have been piling on Rick Santorum for a weirdly incoherent statement he made about the state of American history classes in America's colleges. Here's what he said: "I was just reading something last night from the state of ...
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Essential for Left to cast vote for Obama come November
The Miscellany News
By Jonathan Bix Progressives, liberals and socialists alike must vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election because there is no other responsible course of action. We can recognize that ex-Wall Street executives such as Timothy ...
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On His First Night as Burlington's Mayor, Miro Weinberger's "Fresh Start ...
Seven Days
Newly elected Progressive Max Tracy (Ward 2) joined four-term Ward 7 Republican Paul Decelles in opposition on the grounds that the council did not have sufficient time to review Sisson's qualifications for the post of chief administrative officer.
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Seven Days

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Progressives hold Republicans accountable for Medicare vote « The ...
By n0madic
Progressives hold Republicans accountable for Medicare vote. by n0madic, posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 9:45 am. new video from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee ...
The Progressive Fox
Progressives must fight spin in defense of America - The War Room ...
Van Jones calls for progresives to defend America against the right wing spin machine. "You can't be an anti-immigrant bigot and a patriot at the same time."
The Feed
Dom Noth Says Election Results Reveal Tasks For Progressives
By James Rowen
Labor writer and former Journal Sentinel newsroom colleague Dom Noth has posted another of his solid political analyses - - this time summing up Tuesday's election - - and looking ahead to a spring recall election where everything is on the ...
The Political Environment

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