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Conservatives Need Better Blueprint for New Economy
Neither the left nor the right needs to abandon its basic worldview: The creative tension between conservatives' trust in individual initiative and market forces and the left's concern for fairness and solidarity will never be resolved, and trying to ...
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Alberta Re-Elects Redford's Conservative Party
By Jeremy van Loon on April 24, 2012 Alberta's Progressive Conservative party led by Premier Alison Redford won a surprise re-election in Canada's oil-rich western province, renewing its majority mandate and extending a 41-year reign.
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Alberta to push on Keystone pipeline, bigger markets
By Scott Haggett and Jeffrey Jones | CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - Alberta remains a strong supporter of its oil industry after a provincial election that left the Progressive Conservatives in power to focus on new markets for Canadian crude and to try ...
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Alberta Progressive Conservative win holds lessons for Harper's pro-Wildrose MPs
Winnipeg Free Press
OTTAWA - Even as the polls were closing Monday night in Alberta, a group of federal Conservative MPs had no inkling their chosen right-wing vehicle was heading for the ditch. Members of Stephen Harper's Alberta caucus, some of whom loudly backed the ...
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Andrew Coyne: Why I'm no longer making election predictions after Alberta
National Post
No poll since the start of the election gave the Conservatives more than 36% of the vote; the average over the last week of the campaign was 33%. On election night, they got 44%. Nine out of the last ten polls had Wildrose leading the Tories, ...
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National Post
Coyne: Alberta's stunning election defied (most) prognosticators
By Andrew Coyne, Postmedia News April 24, 2012 7:02 PM Wildrose leader Danielle Smith concedes defeat to her supporters at the Highwood Golf Club in High River Monday April 23, 2012 following the party's loss to Alison Redford's Conservatives.
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Taking a lesson from Alberta, Clark edges back to the centre
Globe and Mail
It is a tacit acknowledgment that her efforts to win back supporters from the BC Conservatives has left more centrist, liberal voters cold. "The lesson, for me, is that people want a strong coalition," Ms. Clark told reporters in Victoria on Tuesday.
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Globe and Mail
Numbers tell story of tight Alberta election contest
Edmonton Journal
EDMONTON - With a 61-seat majority handed to Premier Alison Redford's Conservatives, it would be easy for a casual observer to think Monday's provincial election was not such a contest after all. But while the map may paint northern Alberta largely ...
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Evolving campaign strategy key to Redford's success in Alberta
Globe and Mail
It didn't take long for the Progressive Conservative war room to abandon its game-plan. Alison Redford's campaign team had hoped to run like a front runner, bringing in young, green staff for "on-the-job training" and laying out a plan to talk policy ...
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Globe and Mail
Alberta's election polls miss the mark
Polls had the Wildrose Party ahead for most of the Alberta election campaign, but it was the Progressive Conservatives who ended up with a comfortable majority win that underlined the wide discrepancy between the polls and the results.
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Hugh Hefner: 'Repressed conservatives' waging 'war against sex ...
By David Edwards
Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is calling out "repressed conservatives" like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Rush Limbaugh by name for waging a "war against sex." In an editorial published in the May edition of Playboy magazine, Hefner ...
The Raw Story
Gulf Stream Blues: Can Europe's conservatives survive without the ...
By Brussels, Belgium
Investors, who were already feeling skittish about the first-round victory of French Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande on Sunday, found themselves with something much more serious to worry about when it became clear that ...
Gulf Stream Blues
What's next in the intellectual history of conservatives?
By Andrew Hartman
What's next in the intellectual history of conservatives? My OAH experience this year was short but sweet. My panel, "Advise and Dissent: Intellectuals, Values, and Postwar Conservative Trajectories," which took place on Thursday, was a huge ...
U.S. Intellectual History
GOP Primary: Among conservatives in rural Pa ... - Pavement Pieces
By Louie Lazar
French is one of several conservatives in this Pennsylvania county who, in interviews conducted here on Monday and Tuesday, expressed deep skepticism of Romney and his right-wing credentials. Yet for a majority of these likely voters, the ...
Pavement Pieces
Mo. Budget Blocked by Senate Conservatives « CBS St. Louis
By jmbutler13
The Senate adjourned near midnight after eight hours without a compromise on Missouri's $24 billion budget.
CBS St. Louis

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