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Ontario Liberals pass budget after tax-the-rich deal
Ontario Liberals pass budget with NDP support * New surtax to hit those with annual income of C$500000 By Claire Sibonney TORONTO, April 24 (Reuters) - Ontario's minority Liberal government passed its 2012-13 budget on Tuesday, hanging on to power a ...
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Ontario Liberal budget passes crucial vote, avoiding another election
Hamilton Spectator
TORONTO A "happy marriage" between the Liberals and NDP that was solidified with a new tax on the rich allowed Ontario's minority government to survive a confidence vote on its budget Tuesday. After weeks of negotiations between the Liberals and the ...
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Liberal says he acted alone to embarrass Toews
Toronto Sun
By Mark Dunn ,Senior National Reporter OTTAWA - A Liberal staffer forced to resign in disgrace said Tuesday he has no regrets about tweeting salacious details of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' divorce. "You will have to indulge me when I say I have ...
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'I alone' launched Twitter attack on Toews, defiant Liberal tells MPs
Globe and Mail
Adam Carroll, who was fired as manager of caucus resources for the Liberal research bureau when his involvement with the Vikileaks30 account was uncovered, told members of Commons ethics committee Tuesday that he volunteered to testify before them out ...
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Globe and Mail
Ignatieff insists remarks on Quebec were taken out of context
Globe and Mail
What is certain is that comments made by former federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff about the inevitability of Quebec sovereignty shocked and bewildered friends and foes alike. In a letter to The Globe and Mail on Tuesday, Mr. Ignatieff tried to ...
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Globe and Mail
"Happy marriage" between Liberals and NDP avoids election
Hamilton Spectator
A "happy marriage" between the Liberals and NDP that was solidified with a new tax on the rich allowed Ontario's minority government to survive a confidence vote on its budget Tuesday, declared a smiling Premier Dalton McGuinty.
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Ontario Budget: NDP moves save Liberal budget and prevent an election
Toronto Star
Rob Ferguson and Robert Benzie Queen's Park Bureau The minority Liberal government has survived its first budget vote with the cooperation of NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, avoiding a spring election. "We have found a happy marriage," Premier Dalton ...
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Toronto Star
Yaffe: Liberals better avoid paralysis or merger won't even be an option
Calgary Herald
VANCOUVER — As Jean Chretien revisits a merger on Canada's centre-left, some Liberals are growing antsy over their party's paralysis since its 2011 electoral drubbing. "Our ratings are sliding down while we are patting ourselves on the back, ...
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Ontario budget: Child care and anti-poverty advocates cheer Liberal-NDP deal
Toronto Star
Laurie Monsebraaten Social Justice Reporter Tuesday's Liberal-NDP budget deal will save about 2000 Toronto daycare subsidies and ensure the province's poorest residents aren't ignored, child care and anti-poverty advocates say. The Liberals added $242 ...
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Ignatieff backs off prediction Quebec will become independent
National Post
Former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff backpedalled Tuesday from controversial comments he made during an interview with the BBC that Quebec will "eventually" become an independent country. Mr. Ignatieff, who left the Liberal leadership post after his ...
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National Post

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Bill Moyers: WATCH: Eric Alterman on How Liberals Need to ...
By Bill Moyers
My conversation with Eric Alterman on last weekend's Moyers & Company continued even after the cameras were turned off -- the TV cameras, anyway. But we captured that extended conversation exclusively for BillMoyers.com. In it, Alterman ...
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Alberta Election 2012: Liberals manage to hold on to just four ridings
The Alberta Liberals managed to hold on to just half of their ridings in Monday's vote, with Leader.
Calgary Herald - News
College Freedom: Liberals and Speech Codes
By John K. Wilson
KC Johnson wonders why liberals don't speak out against speech codes and the recent "Dear Colleagues" on campus due process by the Department of Education. The answer is: we do. In fact, Johnson links to a FIRE article that points out ...
College Freedom
Three former Democrat-Liberals support no-confidence vote
By alina.grigoras
The Social Liberal Union (USL) hopes to bridge the gap of the ten votes until Friday, when the motion of no confidence will be debated. At this point, the opposition can count on 151 votes in the lower Chamber and 70 in the Senate, 221 in total ...
Nine O`Clock

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Goldberg: Skinheads And Liberals See Everything Through A Racial ...
Bernie Goldberg analyzes Chris Matthews and his "obsession with race."

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