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'Secret' Right-Wing Facebook Group Plots Organized Anti-Gay Attacks Online
A Facebook group called Truth4Time whose members include "a Fox News pundit, former employees of Concerned Women for America and The Family Research Council, a prominent member of the American Family Association, long term anti-gay activists, ...
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Tony Perkins Concerned Mike And Ike Divorce Is 'Sexualizing Candy'
The Huffington Post chimed in that the two are heading for a "gay divorce" (language so far not found anywhere in the ad campaign), and now the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins is very concerned about the "fruity pair" and their "sexualizing ...
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Mike And Ike Gay Divorce Sexualizing Candy For Kids Warns Tony Perkins
The New Civil Rights Movement
Tony Perkins is the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center certified anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council, and a premiere entrant in GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project (CAP). These days, you can't get a sugar high without experiencing ...
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The New Civil Rights Movement
Liberty University responds to Romney controversy, angers online students
CNN (blog)
Tony Perkins, a Liberty graduate and the president of the Family Research Council, said he sees the Romney speech as an opportunity. "As Christians we can disagree strongly but we show respect and I think they will show respect for Mitt Romney," ...
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'Mike and Ike' Candy Stage Gay Break Up, Christian Group Protests
Opposing Views
The fight did grab the attention of Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who is upset that Mike and Ike were ever a gay couple. Perkins said today on his radio bulletin: "It's just another subtle example of society chipping away at the value ...
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Ron Figuly: Secular culture heralds cynical message of murder as health ethic
Conway Daily Sun
So think with me, Focus on the Family, and Family Research Council about what abortion may do to a woman mentally and physically. Some of the risks may involve future ectopic pregnancies [when the baby grows outside the uterus], pelvic disease, ...
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Right-Wing, Anti-Public Education Group Funds Gay, Muslim Democrat as Stealth ...
AlterNet (blog)
(I was outside with protesters from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and DC) Betsy Prince DeVos' family and that of her husband Dick DeVos, have been leading funders of Focus on Family, Family Research Council, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Proposition Eight, ...
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Analysis | Mitt Romney plays the victim card
The Virginian-Pilot
But connecting with some socially conservative voters — some of whom see themselves as victims of the culture and media — will be difficult for Romney, said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, because those voters won't forget how Romney ...
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SGA Chick-fil-A resolution disregards more important needs, issues
Red and Black
If those examples didn't give the case away, Winshape has made donations to organizations that have a primary focus on the issue of sexual orientation, like the Family Research Council and Exodus International. They each received sums of $1000 or less.
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Red and Black

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Posts tagged Family Research Council ... who is also the president of world renowned Family Research Council of extremely bigoted humans, slams Hussein's ...

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