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Ontario Liberals dodge election with tax-the-rich deal
Deal with NDP averts election * New surtax to hit those with annual income of C$500000 * Proposal on broader freeze to public sector executive pay By Claire Sibonney TORONTO, April 23 (Reuters) - Ontario's ruling Liberals on M onday agreed to introduce ...
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Liberal, NDP supporters targeted for vote-suppression calls: pollster
The poll, conducted April 13-19 by Ekos Research Associates, found that Liberal, NDP and Green party supporters in the seven ridings were more much more likely to report receiving a telephone call late in the election directing them to the wrong ...
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Liberals take aim at free speech
Chicago Sun-Times
Nancy Pelosi | AP The Constitution is under attack from the very people who claim to be fierce advocates of civil rights — liberals. Their goal is to restrict the very first amendment the Founders attached to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights ...
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Tory majority government projected in Alberta
The NDP are elected and leading in four seats; the Liberals are elected and leading in three. Pollster and CBC analyst Bruce Cameron suggested the Liberals may have been a victim of strategic voting, where people who would normally vote for the party ...
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Cohn: Liberals and NDP are now budget BFFs
Toronto Star
They can now take a bow and savour their victories: First, a win for Premier Dalton McGuinty, whose Liberal minority government has done the right thing with an inspired budget deal that retains its grip on power — taxing the rich to reduce the ...
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Toronto Star
Yaffe: Liberals better avoid paralysis or merger won't even be an option
By Barbara Yaffe, Postmedia News April 23, 2012 8:01 PM VANCOUVER — As Jean Chretien revisits a merger on Canada's centre-left, some Liberals are growing antsy over their party's paralysis since its 2011 electoral drubbing. "Our ratings are sliding ...
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NDP to prop up minority Liberals in crucial budget vote and avert election
Winnipeg Free Press
TORONTO - Ontario's minority Liberals will survive Tuesday's crucial budget vote and avoid another election after striking a deal with the New Democrats to hike taxes for the wealthy. Placing a two percentage point surtax on incomes over $500000 was a ...
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Liberals lose traction in several ridings
Edmonton Journal
EDMONTON - With just two MLAs elected, one more candidate leading in the polls, and party leader Raj Sherman fighting for his seat as election results rolled in on Monday night, the Alberta Liberals were worried. "Early results are often misleading, ...
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Ontario Budget: McGuinty agrees to Horwath's tax-the-rich scheme
Toronto Star
Premier Dalton McGuinty has agreed to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath's "tax-the-rich" scheme in order to ensure the minority Liberals' budget passes Tuesday, averting a snap election call. McGuinty emerged Monday afternoon from a 30-minute closed-door ...
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Toronto Star
Some liberals ask: What would Jerry do
Politico (blog)
By JOE SCARBOROUGH | Since Jerry Falwell founded The Moral Majority in 1979, few things have unified American liberals as much as their contempt for self-righteous types who pushed a political agenda by attacking the faith of partisan opponents.
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The Hard Truth: Even Liberals are Big Fans of Oil Subsidies
By Robert Rapier
Survey Says… If you were to survey people and ask the question "Should we subsidize oil companies?" — the overwhelming majority would undoubtedly respond "No!" The notion that we are subsidizing oil companies generates outrage in ...
Consumer Energy Report
Captain Capitalism: When Liberals Speak Truth
By Captain Capitalism
When Liberals Speak Truth. Liberal web site speaks the truth, and its readers eviscerate them! The comments are priceless. Sad and depressing, but priceless. Somebody at the Daily Beast had the gall to tell it like it is and the children just ...
Captain Capitalism
Dorf on Law: Lawsuits, Liberals and the Administrative State
By Michael C. Dorf
My column laments, but does not try to explain, why the liberals--with the exception of Justice Ginsburg, who dissented in Minneci--appear to share in the hostility to civil rights litigation on display in the Filarsky/Minneci juxtaposition. Here I'll ...
Dorf on Law
Truth Wins Out - Wingnuts Actually Think This Is What Liberals Want
By Evan Hurst
Wingnuts Actually Think This Is What Liberals Want. Posted April 23rd, 2012 by Evan Hurst. This video is why our country will never move forward as long as we pretend that there are two sides to every issue, that both sides are honest brokers.
Truth Wins Out » Blog
Are 'cognitively impaired' conservatives better informed than liberals ...
By Marc Thiessen
Miller-McCune reported at the time: A research team led by University of Arkansas psychologist Scott Eidelman argues that … if we don't have the time or energy to give a matter sufficient thought, we tend to accept the conservative argument.
The Enterprise Blog

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Liberals, Conservatives, and the Haidt Results - Brainstorm - The ...
Jonathan Haidt's research and writings have received ample notice in recent months, including this profile in the Chronicle, this upcoming panel at American ...

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