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Andrew Coyne: Liberals fail to grasp direness of their situation, nearly a ...
National Post
This will disappoint those who were hoping to lure him away to the Bank of England, but not half so much as it will disappoint those Liberals who were hoping he would come lead their party. Nothing better illustrates the present Chekhovian state of the ...
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National Post
Liberals claim 'common ground' with NDP but suggest Tories can't be trusted
Globe and Mail
Ontario's minority Liberal government took another step Wednesday to garner NDP support for a crucial budget vote next week by announcing the merger of two large electricity agencies. The cash-strapped government, fighting a $15.2-billion deficit, ...
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Globe and Mail
2 Liberal seats at stake in Thursday vote
The BC Liberals could stand to lose seats in two former strongholds as voters in Port Moody-Coquitlam and Chilliwack-Hope head to the polls in byelections Thursday. NDP candidate and former Port Moody mayor Joe Trasolini appears to be the frontrunner ...
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Liberals promise modest savings in provincial hydro merger
Toronto Star
Bentley would not predict any savings on hydro bills, saying instead that the minority Liberal government knows "Ontarians want us to look everywhere, to take costs out where we can" as the government struggles to balance its books.
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Liberals and Walkable Cities
EV World
They're all liberal. New York, San Francisco, and Boston, the top three major cities on, are three of the most liberal cities in the country. In fact, the top 19 are all in states that voted for Obama in 2008. The lowest-scoring major ...
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EV World
TYRRELL: All the angry liberals
Washington Times
By R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. I was innocently making my way through the weekend newspapers when I came upon a "think" piece in The Washington Post by a dreamer named Chris Mooney, a self-confessed "liberal." Yes, he actually admitted to it.
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Washington Times
Liberals cleaning up their own mess with OPA merger
Toronto Sun
By Christina Blizzard ,QMI Agency If this were Sesame Street, today's column would be brought to you by the letters O, P and A. The Ontario Power Authority was a Liberal make-work agency created seven years ago. Energy Minister Chris Bentley announced ...
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Scott Stinson: All aboard Ontario's efficiency bus
National Post
It's easy enough to understand why the Ontario Liberals would call a press conference to tout a move that, the government says, will save taxpayers $25-million a year. The decision to merge two of the many agencies that are involved in the province's ...
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Liberals have forgotten how to make the religious case for liberal causes
Liberals should fight back against conservative dogma by fighting fire with fire, but seem to have forgotten how. New Haven, CT - Every four years, the United States spasms with all sorts of manufactured outrage in the run-up to the election.
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Liberals celebrate charter
Former prime minister Jean Chretien is shown in a file photo reflecting upon an exhibt of the constitutional act he signed in 1982. (FRED CHARTRAND / CP) OTTAWA — Jean Chretien says Quebec politicians have cultivated a "culture of grievance" over ...
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On The News : European liberals, American conservatives, and the ...
On The News: European liberals, American conservatives, and the 'social issues': Now that the contest for the Republican presidential nomination is effectively over, we can expect the presumptive winner, Mitt Romney, to tack leftward as he ... - Commentary...
Democracy Digest » In revolutions, do liberals finish last?
By Demdigest
A similar situation has befallen Syria's liberal, mostly peaceful protesters, who led last summer's protest marches but have since been sidelined by the Free Syrian Army's violent revolt. The story of one of Homs' first protest leaders, as reported ...
Democracy Digest » Blog Archive » Racist Hate From Liberals in ...
Racist Hate From Liberals in Wisconsin (language warning) · The Communist Take Over of America :45 Declared Goals in 1963 Congressional Report · GBR: Obama ate dog · U.S. Appellate Court ruling will likely slay Holder's DOJ photo ID ...
Lying Liberals: How Planned Parenthood's Favorite GOP State ...
By hanoverhenry (Diary)
Once again organization and money are making an enormous difference in who wins primary elections, from Mitt Romney on down to local races such as the one to.
hanoverhenry's Diary
East Sydney Liberals vote for equality | Star Online
By Andrew M Potts
A Liberal Party branch has voted unanimously to call on its federal representatives to allow a conscience vote on same-sex marriage in what is believed to be an Australian first. ...
Star Online

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Justification among the Liberals
But liberal Protestant theology is an identifiable movement and stream of thought, one many theologians and historians of any stripe would readily identify with ...

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