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Politics | US Rep. David Rivera
US Rep. David Rivera won't face criminal charges in state investigation, sources tell Miami Herald The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office reportedly will close its inquiry into Rep. David Rivera's finances. By Scott Hiaasen and Patricia Mazzei US Rep.
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Presidential election enters dog days - US politics live
The Guardian
12.13pm: A brief yet accurate summary of the 2012 election campaign so far, from the Huffington Post's Elise Foley: Sluts sluts sluts sluts sluts moms moms moms moms moms dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs #politics In other news: 202 days to go until the ...
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The Guardian
Obamas mourn death of Dick Clark, 'America's oldest teenager'
ABC News
Mitch Daniels backs Romney in GOP primary • Mitt Romney's 2012 fundraising goal: $800 million Want more of our best political stories? Visit The Ticket or connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or add us on Tumblr. Handy with a camera?
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US provides aid to Egypt amid political unrest
Fox News
"They're holding us hostage and we're bailing them out." Since that aid was delivered, the ruling military has disqualified the Muslim Brotherhood's top candidates for the presidency -- in many cases citing crimes committed during former president ...
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Romney 'clean house' comment adds political edge to Secret Service scandal
Boston Herald
In Washington and Colombia, site of the incident involving agents, military personnel and at least 20 women, separate US government investigations into the episode were already under way. "I'd clean house," Romney told radio host Laura Ingraham.
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Three Secret Service personnel tied to Colombia prostitution scandal to leave ...
ABC News
The agency is carrying out a full probe into the incident, including lie-detector tests and witness interviews in Colombia, the assistant director of the US Secret Service Office of Government and Public Affairs, Paul Morrissey, said in a statement.
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3 agents out in wake of Secret Service prostitution scandal; Romney pushes ...
Washington Post
The agency announced three agents would leave the service, even as separate US government investigations were under way into the incident. The tawdry episode took a sharp political turn when presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said ...
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Obama on soldiers who posed with Taliban corpses: 'reprehensible' conduct ...
ABC News
President Barack Obama wants a full investigation into the "reprehensible" conduct depicted in photographs apparently showing US soldiers in Afghanistan posing with the mangled body parts of suicide bombers, his spokesman said Wednesday.
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Biblical Literalism, Secularism And American Politics
Huffington Post
One needn't agree with Sullivan's devout conclusion, that we should "follow Jesus but forget the Church," to feel concern about how such troubling perspectives weigh on American society and politics. While biblical literalism is integral to evangelical ...
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Why Don't Politicians Get It With Hispanics?
Huffington Post
According to the report, a majority of us, 51 percent, identify with our country of origin while only 24 percent prefer a generic term. If this is the case, why don't politicians and strategists understand this? Another assumption about Latinos that ...
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Abu Muqawama: U.S. Intel in the Dark Over ... - World Politics Review
By (Andrew Exum)
Despite being Israel's closest ally in the world, the U.S. has no idea whether or not Israel will attack Iran -- an action that could have enormous consequences for U.S. interests in the region. Some might argue that this uncertainty represents a ...
World Politics Review: Articles
Gridlock: Can Our System Address America's Big Problems?: Dutch ...
By Nikki Shaffer
At our last class meeting, David Price mentioned looking towards parliamentary systems of government for comparisons of what reduces and what increases gridlock in government. I've been reading this so I thought I'd begin a conversation ...
Gridlock: Can Our System Address...
Politics of Poverty: Ideas and analysis from Oxfam America's policy ...
By Scott Stedjan
On Monday April 16, I attended an event in Washington, DC where senior State Department officials gathered with representatives of the US arms industry, NGOs like Oxfam, and members of the public to discuss the US position on the Arms ...
Politics of Poverty: Ideas and...
U.S. Troops Pose With Body Parts of Dead Afghans - TalkLeft: The ...
By Jeralyn
Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news. ... The Times said it decided to publish them to because of the "allegation that the images reflect a breakdown in unit discipline that was endangering U.S. troops." The leaders of the ...
Revealed: The official fears US and Britain shared about over ...
Revealed: The official fears US and Britain shared about over President Obama's 'anti-American' and 'anti-white' father - In his three years as U.S. president, Barack Obama has.
Politics & Government

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