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Progressives blast Allen West as 'childish'
Politico (blog)
By SEUNG MIN KIM | The Congressional Progressive Caucus has a response to Rep. Allen West's (R-Fla.) communist remarks: Your words are childish and divisive. West whipped up a firestorm after he told a Florida town hall on Tuesday night that he ...
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Progressive's profit off on fewer investment gains
By Mia Lamar Progressive Corp.'s (NYSE:PGR) first-quarter earnings fell 29% as the auto and home insurer came up against year-earlier results boosted by nearly $100 million in investment gains. The leader in online auto-insurance and its rivals have ...
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Allen West Campaign: He Specifically Called The Congressional Progressive ...
The Progressive Caucus is, of course, an internal grouping of the most left-leaning members of House Democrats. Current and past members have included Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (who relinquished her membership after she became House Democrats' ...
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Serbian Opposition, Ruling Party in Close Race Before May 6 Vote
The Progressives had 29.7 percent support, while the Democrats garnered 25.1 percent in a poll of 1400 respondents by Partner Consulting conducted April 5-8 with a margin of error of 2-4 percent. Zagreb-based Ipsos Puls put the Progressives and the ...
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Allen West's Communist Conspiracy Rooted in Christian Anti-Communism?
Religion Dispatches
In his 2010 re-issue of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade classic of 1960, You Can Still Trust the Communists to be Communists (Socialists and Progressives, Too), Christian worldview educator David Noebel writes: Most Americans are totally unaware ...
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Allen West versus the Communists
Human Events
It's called the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He is very clearly not saying he thinks there are eighty secret Commies working as moles in the Democrat Party. He's insulting the Congressional Progressive Caucus by saying they're functionally ...
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Progressive Groups Were Had on Foreclosure Fraud
Notably, a response that has the potential to trump queasiness progressives have about criticizing a Democratic president in an election year. But also a responding audience that clearly wants to use the instruments at hand to create a win for all ...
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Rep. West's Incendiary Comments
His last sentence seems like it could be some sort of punch line, ie "Sure, there are Communists in Congress" [beat] "they're called progressives." Unfortunately, in all the videos I've seen, West's last sentence is cut out, and it's impossible to ...
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McDonalds, Gates Leave ALEC
For nearly 40 years, ALEC has written right wing legislation passed into law by states across the country, and now Progressives are building a similar infrastructure that supports lasting change. Tired of playing defense in preventing these regressive ...
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Leftist-Progressives: Always The Dependable Deniers — GraniteGrok
By Rick Olson
An individual, in promoting his own interest, may injure the public interest; a nation, in promoting the general welfare, may check the interest of a part of its members." —Friedrich List Last week the Union Leader's Gary Rayno reported on a.
Daily Kos: Why Progressives Should Support Obama (Review of ...
By (Ian Reifowitz)
I've just finished reading Gary Dorrien's new book: The Obama Question: A Progressive Perspective. First, I'm happy to report that his book covers very different ground than mine, Obama's America: A Transformative Vision of Our National ...

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